Simulation of statistical mean and variance of normally distributed random values, transformed by nonlinear functions $\sqrt{|X|}$ and $\sqrt{X}$

This paper presents theoretical studies of formation regularities for the statistical mean and variance of normally distributed random values with the unlimited argument values subjected to nonlinear transformations of functions $\sqrt{|X|}$ and  $\sqrt{X}$.  It is shown that for nonlinear square root transformation of a normally distributed random variable, the integrals of higher order mean $n>1$ satisfy the inequality $\overline{(y-\overline{Y})^n}\neq 0$.  On the basis of the theoretical research, the correct boundaries $m,\sigma \to \infty$ of error transfer for

Directions and trends of target-oriented mechanisms for the public administration transformation in terms of social change

The paper considers and analyzes quantitative and financial performance of state target programs for the period from 2008 to 2014. The common characteristic of the use of the national program target management to respond in the most significant areas of globalization influences.

Forming organizational bases of state governance under special conditions

In the article, the basic directions for defining certain special conditions as factors influencing the system of public administration are determined. The specific conditions are identified as a manifestation of the external factor of reforms in the system of public administration. The current state of implementation of the institutional reform in Ukraine, and particularly transformation of the state management mechanism, are analyzed.

Algorithmic and Software of Migration of Databases in Hypermarket Network

Possible ways and options of migrating data from existing database management systems to new ones have been analyzed in the article. Also, the main advantages and disadvantages of these methods have been considered, the common problems that may arise during migration and the standard requirements for this type of system have been given. In the practical part, the Exact Transform Load (ETL) system has been developed with the implementation of all its functional and non-functional requirements, migrating data from the old system to the new one.


Consideration of contemporary urban environment aesthetics is also closely linked to the category of heritage, which is growing in importance and is expanding. The concept of heritage itself is, in turn, a modern phenomenon that emerged only in the nineteenth century and is largely linked to the formation of political nations. Based on comparative analysis, has been traced the transformation of the concept of heritage in modern and postmodern discourse.


The historical aspects of urban spaces forming in Lviv are considered. The influence factors on the level and specifics of the processes of their transformation are characterized. The general features of the architectural and planning transformation of the spaces in the urban fabric development process are defined. The modern tendencies and directions of urban environment transformation are revealed

Cultural Memory as a Factor of Identity Construction in the Conditions of Ukrainian Society Transformation

The article deals with the problem of actualization of the cultural memory potential as a social tool in the process of identity construction in the conditions of the Ukrainian society democratic transformation. The main thesis of the article is that the cultural memory has mighty resources in the conditions of a democratic and lawful state, securing forming, preserving, transferring and developing of cultural norms, values, knowledge and meanings, contributing to integration, social consolidation.

Analytical Method of Research Changes in Signal Parameters in Wireless Sensor Networks

The geometric models of wireless sensor networks have been analysed, which were created in the virtual space to estimate the functioning of individual information nodes and the network as a whole. The analytical method of research changes in signal parameters using geometric models has been suggested, the four-simplex was used as basis during construction. The expediency use of the analytical method for the study of changes in signal strength information nodes has been proved.

Transformations of the existential manifestations of human being in the network culture

The article analyzes features of the network culture and its impact on the socio-cultural space of a human being, on values and communication existential expressions. Peculiarities of functioning and basic features of network culture are determined.