Education right: features of realization during the war in Ukraine

: 113-117


Lviv Polytechnic National University, Educatinoal and Rasearch Institute of Law, Psychology and Innovative Education

It has been found that in the context of russian aggression, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine uses the Sectoral Working Group «Education and Science» as a dialogue with the widest possible range of partners and friends of Ukraine to form an international coalition in support of Ukrainian education and science. It can be stated that in Ukraine the right to education is ensured as a martial law with its certain restrictions.

It is emphasized that an important point is the unprecedented support of international partners, which is provided not only in the military plan but also in the social plane, in particular in the context of opportunities for preferential entry 'I also directly learning in Ukrainian.

It is stated that during the martial law, representatives of foreign educational institutions develop for Ukrainian students, as well as future students of the support for support for training. In Ukraine, there are preferential entry programs for internally displaced persons, orphans, children from the frontal areas and other categories of persons. The state makes the maximum for the realization of the purpose of education, ensuring the right to education and maintaining stability in the educational space, which is possible in the conditions of martial law. Under the war, the flow of people traveling abroad increases through the desire to preserve the lives and health of their children. It is a person's natural reaction to a deadly danger, but many Ukrainian citizens return and continue their training in relatively safe regions.

Attention is emphasized on the problem of exercising the right to education by persons with special educational needs. In modern conditions, it is important for such persons to provide quality access to both the educational process and safety during danger in martial law (unobstructed access to shelter during air alarm, the possibility of using communication facilities to participate in online sessions in «points of indomitable points».

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