Microcosmos in natural and legal education: metapedagogical technologies

The scientific article discloses certain methodological aspects of the metaphysical pedagogy of natural and legal education of the microcosm. In particular, relevant pedagogical technologies of legal education, training and development of the microcosm in the micro-legal field, which is part of the macro-legal field, were investigated.

Protection of the rights and legal interests of children during the war in Ukraine

It was found out that in Ukraine, the issue of protecting the rights and interests of children was given considerable attention even before the war. Starting from the formation of juvenile prevention to educational reforms - all measures were aimed at forming a complete personality of the future generation.

Modern approaches to public sphere specialist training

Formulation of the problem The system of specialist training, which allows providing public authorities with highly qualified and competent personnel, plays a significant role in the development of the public administration sector. The public service personnel should ensure the effectiveness of activities based on compliance with European democratic principles and standards of social development.

Education right: features of realization during the war in Ukraine

It has been found that in the context of russian aggression, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine uses the Sectoral Working Group «Education and Science» as a dialogue with the widest possible range of partners and friends of Ukraine to form an international coalition in support of Ukrainian education and science. It can be stated that in Ukraine the right to education is ensured as a martial law with its certain restrictions.


The urgent problems related to environmental and climate factors, the solution of which requires the involvement of highly qualified and narrow-profile specialists capable of solving and developing effective measures to minimize the negative effects of global warming, were analyzed. The analysis demonstrates that today in Ukraine, there is an urgent need to train climate management specialists due to the global nature of this problem.

Dual education in nurse training: international practice and implementation prospects in Ukraine

Problem statement. A lack of professional practicing in the course of studies was identified by nursing students, educators, practitioners and other stakeholders as one of the main challenges in higher and continuous nursing education. Quite often, graduates of nursing colleges, institutes and academies come to work without stable practical skills. After all, nursing curriculum focuses mostly on teaching in a speculative, abstract manner.

Scientific and methodological culture as a factor in the development of public sphere in Ukraine

Problem statement. Modern Ukraine, which carries out the public management modernization, faces challenging tasks, both practical and theoretical. To solve them, it is necessary to make an in-depth theoretical substantiation and refer to the semantic foundations of the development of modern civilization. It is particularly important in current circumstances, when the Russian Federation, along with military aggression, wages a semantic or ideological and methodological war, i.e. a struggle for consciousness, awareness and an adequate attitude of people to real processes.

Theoretical & legal foundations of the educational process organization in the conditions of a comprehensive complex

Problem setting. In the system of government goals, education has always been and still is one of the priorities of development of any civilized society. Educational services and their quality are an indicator and at the same time a marker of the level of competitiveness of the national economy. After all, the proper level of these services in the market influences the level of population employment and the quality of labor force, able to flexibly respond to social challenges, which directly affects the general indicators of socio-economic development of the state.