E-commerce market in Ukraine: the role of european and іnternational e-commerce organizations

Nataliya LESKO, Solomiia KIRA "E-commerce market in Ukraine: the role of european and іnternational e-commerce organizations".


Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The article examines the role of international and European e-commerce organizations in the context of increasing the competitiveness of e-business in Ukraine. The analysis of trends in the development of the Ukrainian and global e-commerce market was carried out, the importance of the development of international e-commerce and advocacy bodies in accordance with the specified sector was emphasized.

   The importance of sustainable digital transformation, which will contribute to growth and stimulate sustainable development, was highlighted separately. In this aspect, the need of implementation the legislation, standards and best practices of EU for the harmonization of the digital market of Ukraine as a whole was emphasized. Barriers to the development of e-commerce in Ukraine have been structured, which include: cognitive barriers; language barrier; cultural features; customer support; expansion of consumer rights protection policy in accordance with EU rules; internet connection speed; payment settings/payment services (currency conversion). In addition, the definition of «cross-border electronic commerce» was proposed.

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