E-commerce market in Ukraine: the role of european and іnternational e-commerce organizations

The article examines the role of international and European e-commerce organizations in the context of increasing the competitiveness of e-business in Ukraine. The analysis of trends in the development of the Ukrainian and global e-commerce market was carried out, the importance of the development of international e-commerce and advocacy bodies in accordance with the specified sector was emphasized.

Інтелектуальна система «інтернет-магазин музичного обладнання»

Електронна комерція є найважливішим складовим елементом електронного бізнесу. Найвідомішим прикладом здійснення електронної комерції є інтернет-магазин, який являє собою веб-ресурс з каталогом продукції та можливістю замовлення і оплати товарів, які сподобались покупцю. Інтернет-магазин є однією з найпоширеніших комерційних моделей електронної торгівлі у сфері В2С.

Features of electronic business development under conditions of digital economy formation

Modern trends of globalization and the development of the world economy convincingly testify the need to rethink the ways and models of doing business under the influence of IT systems and technologies. This opens new prospects for business. The Internet has become a modern space for conducting business, which significantly expands the possibilities of displaying the real economy in the virtual global world. The consequence of the above-mentioned processes is the development of such an economic and legal phenomenon as electronic business.

Legal principles of electronic commerce in social networks

The article examines the theoretical aspects of the concept of "e-commerce". It is noted that the regulatory framework of Ukraine in the field of e-commerce is in a state of rapid development. By signing the Association Agreement, Ukraine has undertaken considerable commitments, including ensuring the gradual adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to that of the European Union, in accordance with the areas set out in the Agreement, thus one of which is e-commerce.

Electronic Commerce as a Tool for Ensuring Business Continuity in the Convention of the Covid19 Pandemic

The COVID19 pandemic in 2019 dealt a severe blow to the economy of every country in the world. As a result of the closure of many businesses and stores, many consumers switched to online shopping – 84 % made online purchases during the pandemic. Shoppers began shopping outside their home country, which intensified online competition. In the first half of 2020, cross-border e-commerce grew by 21 %.

Problems and Benefits of Implementation of Category Management at Domestic Enterprises

Categorical management has been gaining great popularity in the world since the 2000s. In the domestic market, categorical management began to gain momentum only in 2015. Its advantages are obvious compared to the traditional management model, however, categorical management is not a universal solution to all problems.

B2C Electronic commerce: development in Eastern Europe, risks and effect of Institutional Displacement

The goals. The formation of the global information economy is closely linked to the emergence and growth of the e-commerce market. So, the goals of the article are to identify the main trends in the B2C e-commerce market in Eastern Europe and to characterize potential risks as a result of its further growth.

Big Datamodels for E-commerce Systems

Generalized structural model of Big Data information resource for e-commerce systems developed in this paper. The analysis and substantiation of possibility and expediency of use of the Big Data in the processes of e-commerce performed. Concept of metascheme for control of access to Big Data source developed. Application of such metascheme allows to form a subset of data resource relevant to a certain type of e-commerce tasks.


In the article the relevance of using modern digital marketing tools, namely the marketplaces, is investigated. The description of the “markeplays” concept is given, its types, main features and advantages of application are highlighted.  Describes its main advantages, disadvantages and features of application for the development of e-business.

Importance of E-Commerce in the Development of Economy and Business

The article investigates the tendencies of a global e-commerce market and its legislative regulation. The value of e-commerce for domestic businesses as well as the main advantages of electronic commerce over the traditional one is shown. The features of e-commerce implementation in Ukraine are determined.