Contradicting essence of movement: natural and legal motivation

: 56-65

Slyvka S.
"Contradicting essence of movement: natural and legal motivation"

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

The article examines the natural and legal motivation of the contradictory nature of the movement. Based on the laws of mechanics, natural law is substantiated and it is proved that it always needs to be verified with natural laws. The above author’s definition presents the metaphysical unity of physics, philosophy, logic and canon law, which contributes to the ontological solution of the problems of contradictory movement in law. The dynamics of world laws of nature have an impact on human anthropology, which would not otherwise be called the microworld. But man also has his own autonomous dynamics, the generator of which is the human spirit. It is important for a person to correctly perceive the movement, which is absolute and relative. In particular, ontological natural laws promote absolute motion in the universe, and natural law – relative motion in society with certain influences on motion in the universe. That is, the relative movement, which is inherent in natural law, is a kind of change and process that requires scientific research. Logic, which finds a violation of the consistency of the law, proves that two mutually contradictory statements about the same subject do not happen. She states the fact of distortion in the allegations of natural law. And the philosophy of law, taking into account these perversions, deduces, refutes errors, false natural law. In such a dialectical movement, truth is established in natural law, rejecting the quasi-truth. Logical thinking does not lead natural law to the absurd, but to natural laws in order for man to establish the truth himself. At the same time, there is a logical statement that no norm of a positive law can be true at the same time as its denial in the natural law. In other w

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