On the effectiveness of public influence on juvenile crime

: 147-153
Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology Lviv Polytechnic National University, Head of Department of Criminal Law Doctor of Law, Professor
associate professor of criminal law and criminology of Lviv state University of internal affairs candidate of legal sciences, associate professor

The article analyzes the issue of preventing juvenile delinquency in Ukraine. It turns out that not always punitive - repressive concept of juvenile delinquency brings a positive result, and, in some cases, on the contrary, leads to the recurrence of criminal offenses.

The low efficiency of work on identifying and prosecuting perpetrators of criminal offenses contributes to the systematic evasion of punishment by criminals. This creates the conditions for new illegal acts and increases the threat to human security.

 Given that public involvement in the prevention of both primary and recidivist juvenile delinquency will allow juvenile offenders to be influenced by non-punitive measures, which in turn, in our opinion, will have less negative impact on the adolescent's psyche and achieve the desired results in re-education and correction of wards.

It is established that the prevention of juvenile delinquency should be carried out taking into account the mental and physical condition of the adolescent during the formation of his personality, when he especially needs support, understanding and care from adults. Preventive work of the public organically combines sensitivity to the adolescent, constant readiness to come to his aid with deep principles, without any deviations from public morality.

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