Reforms in the field of law, judicial proceedings and justice as a factor in the formation of a political association between Ukraine and the EU

Problem setting. The processes of globalization and international European integration in the modern world set a priority task for Ukraine to implement the provisions of the association agreement between Ukraine and the EU. The formation of a political association and a deep and comprehensive free trade area between Ukraine and the EU depends on the successful reform in the field of Law, judicial proceedings and Justice of Ukraine in the context of European integration.

Influence of digitalization on the public policy forming in Ukraine

Problem setting. The COVID-19 pandemic, global quarantine, quarantine restrictions created the conditions for society to react quickly. Digital technologies are now being used more intensively, and the public administration sector is no exception. At the same time, the country's development requires systematic strategic and tactical decisions that will accelerate the introduction of modern digital technologies in all spheres of Ukrainian society, also forming and implementation of public policy at various levels of government.

Humanitarian orientation of the social policy in conditions of decentralization

Problem setting. Modern democratic development of Ukraine is accompanied by the emergence of acute socio-economic challenges directly related to the quality of life of the population and the necessity for constant attention to them by the state. Under such conditions, the importance of social policy increases, and it is highly important to respond appropriately to the deterioration of people's social security.

Legal thinking of civil society as a factor in the formation of legal culture

Today, the real requirement of the time is the priority of law over the policy of arbitrariness of power, which determines the structure of any rule of law. The idea of the rule of law is inextricably linked with the idea of the sovereignty of the people, the subordination of the state to society. The implementation of the principles of the rule of law, which in fact limits itself to human rights and freedoms, the rule of law, as a general humanistic value, lead to the expansion of private law regulation, which arise mainly between civil society, providing conditions for its functioning.

The principle of justice and its place in the system of principles of punishment

The article is devoted to the analysis of the principle of justice and its place in the system of principles of sentencing. It is proved that the peculiarity of the principle of justice is that it has a complex character, accumulates all other principles. If they are violated, the principle of justice is violated.

Legitimacy of power as a legal phenomenon and its manifestations in the conditions of democratic transformation

The article analyzes the issue of the legal nature of legitimacy, which is the main attribute of public authority in the process of interaction with civil society institutions. It is a necessary condition for the functioning of public power in a democratic transformation conditions that ensures political stability and law and order in the state. Legitimacy includes three basic elements: justice, legality, and expediency, which are closely interrelated.

Sociology of justice as a direction of sociology of law: certain aspects

The article analyzes the multiplicity of approaches to understanding the concept of "justice" from the theoretical and legal, philosophical and legal and sociological and legal points of view. It is noted that justice and the judiciary are not identical categories, as justice is a broader concept than the judiciary and includes the latter. At the same time, the judiciary does not always guarantee a judicial decision. Therefore, the concepts of justice and justice are not identical, because not every court decision is fair.

Child as a Subject of Right: Ukrainian Journalism in the Formation of Social Awareness for Children

The article is a studio prologue to the study of a complex large-scale scientific problem, which can be described as “journalism and the culture of childhood”. The basic question of this scientific area is the image of the child who forms the media. The key is that a child is a legal entity or a dispossessed entity.

Legal regulation of attorney's participation in the civil process of Ukraine

The legislation governing the participation of a lawyer in the civil process of Ukraine has been analyzed. The activity of lawyers as a legal institute, which stands for the protection of citizens' rights and reflects the state and level of democracy in the country, is elaborated. Considering how stable it is, has a clear organization, is governed by the laws and is protected depends largely on the confidence of each member of society in their well-being and in the success of their business activities.

The problem of definition of “legal values“ in modern scientific discourse

In the article it is found out that legal values are a determining element of legal influence on the society, which have a significant influence on the mechanism of legal regulation. It is determined that the legal values are, first of all, interrelated with the principles of law, justice, law-making and legal implementation; secondly, they are real socio-legal phenomena, remedies and mechanisms. Legal values have a hierarchical structure and their system is based on a specific set of interests that underpins human needs.