Criminal law approaches to the analysis of crime prevention programs in the USA

It was emphasized that in Ukraine, representatives of all types of law enforcement activities develop certain methods and measures to combat crime at the level of their own competence. Of course, there are national and regional programs, but specific bodies and their divisions have considerable freedom of action regarding the direction of professional implementation.

National legislation and international obligations in the field of preventing and combating domestic violence

The article analyzes national legislation in the field of prevention and countermeasures against domestic violence and gender-based violence. The recognition of the concept of "Child witness" at the legislative level has been updated, and the problems of law enforcement practice, when the court cannot, taking into account the circumstances of the case, assess the child specifically as a victim in situations where she only witnessed domestic violence.

Victimology apparatus for domestic violence research

Crime, as a manifestation of illegal encroachments, is one of the urgent problems of our state, and counteracting it is an important area of activity of the state in general, and law enforcement agencies in particular. At all times, mercenary-violent crime was perceived as a serious threat to the highest social values, which led to public demand for effective forms of counteraction and protection of the interests of people, society and the state from mercenary violent encroachments, reducing the risk of falling victim to these crimes.

Prevention as a drug addiction activity

Problematic issues of drug addiction are considered. It is emphasized that drug addiction is one of the highest priority problems of our time due to its medical and social consequences. The health consequences of drug use are a growing concern around the world. It is noted that the spread of illicit drug use is becoming a large-scale antisocial phenomenon, which leads to the destruction of physical and moral health of the nation, its gene pool, law and order, intellectual and economic potential of our country.

Legal prevention in the context of a wide and understanding understanding

The article deals with the consideration of theoretical approaches to the definition of legal prevention in the context of broad and narrow understanding. Various scientific approaches to the definition of the term legal prevention in terms of criminal, criminal procedural, civil, administrative, labor law have been investigated. The essence of the concept of legal prevention as prevention, prevention and all the basic aspects related to the legal regulation of the legal phenomenon under investigation are revealed.

The role of civil society and the media in the fight against corruption

The article focuses on the role of civil society and the media in the fight against corruption. It has been proven that effective anti-corruption activities seem impossible without the participation of society. The public, on the one hand, is a force capable of breaking the circle of continuous corruption in the state, and on the other, without its support, interaction with civil society institutions, anti-corruption activities of public authorities seem ineffective.

About disadvantages of organizational and legal support for preventing students of human-violent crimes against ownership

The article provides a criminological analysis of the organizational and legal support for the prevention of self-aggrandizing crimes against property by students of the institution of higher education.

Conciliation with a victim as a measure for administrative offences prevention

The article deals with the main issues of the reconciliation between guilty person and a victim of an administrative offence. The author of an article suggests his vision towards the application of the reconciliation, in specified by Ukrainian legislation cases, as one of the preventive measures of influence in order to educate the citizens to be fair and law-abiding under different circumstances.

On contemporary legal principles of resistance to commission of administrative offenses

The article deals with the issues of existing legal principles of resistance to administrative offense. The author of an article suggests his vision of prophylactic and preventive administrative measures of resistance to administrative offense.

Genesis of modern concept of corruption: aspect of criminology

The article presents a historical overview on the etymology of corruption. Proved that its occurrence is associated with the formation of the state and law, the formation of certain social groups who perform power functions.
Considered evidence of corruption in modern society. Studies of political, social, economic, legal and moral aspects of corrupt behavior. Generalized, that a corruption is various in the displays, that complicates formulation of universal determination of concept of corruption, which would contain all spectrum it essence signs.