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Lviv Polytechnic National University, the Department of Architecture Design and Engineering
Department of Architecture Design & Engineering Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv

Individualism in creativity is  one of  foundation.  Nevertheless that  understanding of creativity neediness  is   deficient today. The category combine, as theory and practice by  itself. For identifying individuality, we can use such  architectural categories as style, boundary, norm, scale, and fundamental philosophical category as character, identity, method, phenomenon.

The problem was researched theorist of architecture O. Rapparot in the context of individuality, creativity and identity.  Individuality have  multiply  nature, that is necessary  to fit  it  connection with , architectural fundamental categories.

Temporal context and  prevailing style  is  also worth  to consideration. No less important factor influencing  of economic  to it nowadays. Economic, more precisely the price  often acts as a determinant. Сonsidering the complexity of this concept, it is  nesecity to define boundaries of individuality. We can divide  the Individuality into deep and superficial. Deep individuality is always multiple and generated by many factors with complexity of their relationships. Superficial  individuality rather easy to understand, often  generated by artistic or compositional factors as  usual.

Individuality relates to design and architecture in different way. Individuality, as an architecture is generated by uniqueness. It is often the basis of identity, a fundamental category in  philosophical discourse. Concept of  typology  can  be  a points of connection between architecture and individuality. Concept of individuality have phenomenological nature.  We must know about it. Therefore, category of  norm can often conflict with individuality, because they have very different foundation. The scale  can  determinate the borders of individuality. Technology, method and fashion can expand or straiten  possibilities for individuality in architecture.


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