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Lviv Polytechnic National University
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Today there is a problem of rational use of coal coking by-products, which can be partially solved by obtaining a variety of polymeric materials on their basis. The presence of valuable reactive substances (indene, coumarone, styrene, etc.) in this type of raw materials contributes to the solving of the problem. An important aspect is the area of application of the resulting polymers. For example, the positive effect of modifying road bitumen with various kinds of petroleum resins without and with functional groups, the raw materials for which are liquid products of petroleum raw materials pyrolysis, is well known.

The purpose of this work was to obtain a polymer product (resin) from coal coking liquid by-products and examine the possibility of its using as a modifier for road bitumen.

The conducted experimental studies allowed to get the following results and draw conclusions:

1. It is possible to obtain a polymer product from coking coal by-products. The obtained coumarone-indene resin with carboxylic groups (CIRC) has the following characteristics: yield - 19.0 wt% relative to the raw material; molecular weight 360 g/mol; carboxyl group content 10.5%.

2. Introduction of CIRC in a road petroleum bitumen of BND 60/90 grade allows to improve its softening point and adhesion properties, but the plastic properties of bitumen - ductility and penetration - deteriorate.

3. The use of CIRC as a modifier of road bitumen is possible only after additional studies of the simultaneous introduction of CIRC and various plasticizers into bitumen.

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