Problems of current status and perspectives modernization of CHP

Received: October 20, 2016
Accepted: October 20, 2016
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The current state of domestic energetics, thermal power generation plants in particular is analyzed in the article. It has been investigated that the current state and the prospects of modernization of domestic thermal power generation plants leave much to be desired. The key issues of the heating companies in Ukraine, among them - the unsatisfactory state of the energy industry, including thermal power generation plants, which continue to deteriorate as a result of technical depreciation of fixed assets, most of which are out of the expiration date and require immediate upgrade or replacement; the imperfect legislation and costly tariff system that hamper the implementation of measures as to the improvement of energy efficiency; a lack of investment capital for the modernization of fixed assets of thermal power, which does not allow to implement modern technologies in this sphere. It has been found out that there is no balance between the customers’ growing needs and opportunities of thermal power generation plants at existing resources in the market sector, hence there is the need for modernizing and re-engineering of business processes at domestic thermal power generation plants for their development in the current economic conditions.

It has been proved that a practical application of reengineering of business processes as a modern high-efficiency direction of management is of vital importance not only for overcoming the crisis but also for developing domestic thermal power generation plants, since the implementation of these projects at thermal power plants will enable to identify key business processes, to detect the most problematic ones and design a new project or redesign the existing ones completely or partially (depending on the goals and objectives). It has been determined that the improvement of the existing state in the sphere of thermal power system will result in a number of positive effects, such as the reduction of costs, the minimization of the energy losses in the system and by means of the direct production it can lead to the improvement of the quality of service, the optimal use of fuel, the reduction of harmful emissions into the air, the increase of the net income and the competitiveness of the energetic sector of Ukraine.

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