Intellectual analysis of the replacement process for the algebra algorithm formulas

: pp. 1 - 7
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

In the article, the authors have developed mathematical support for the process of replacement of algebra algorithms. The analysis of peculiarities of algebra algebra formulas analysis was carried out. As a result, it turned out that today subsystems with the implementation of the formulas replacement algorithms with the subsequent adaptation of the formulas are not implemented in known systems, which served as an impetus for the intellectual analysis of the algebra algebra replacement process. It is described that the collection and editing of algebra algorithms, and especially editing, is an extremely complex and time-consuming process. This is due to the fact that all changes in the formula formula affect its structure, since all elements of the formula are interconnected. One of the aspects of editing algebra formulas is the process of replacing the algebra formula. Signs of operations of algebra of algorithms are briefly described. The mathematical support for the process of replacement of algorithms of algebra of algorithms is developed, taking into account the vertical and horizontal orientations and the type of formula of algebra of algorithms: text unitherm, sequencing operation, elimination operation, parallel operation and corresponding cyclic sequencing operations, elimination and parallelization. The process of replacing formulas for algebra algorithms is described previously. The list of necessary eliminations and sequences for the synthesis of the corresponding formulas is determined. In accordance with the properties of signs of operations of the algebra of algorithms, we minimized the synthesized formulas of the algorithms by the number of unitherms. Also, according to the properties of the formulas of the algorithms of the algebra, the removal of the corresponding unitherms for the signs of operations is performed, resulting in the formula of the algorithm for describing the process of changing the formulas of the algorithms.

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