The system to encourage young people to science

: pp. 149 - 160

Natalya Shakhovska, Bohdan Khudoba

The issues that led to the establishment of the research incentive scheme have been discovered discovered. The target audience who spend their time playing online games have been identified. The average age of “gamers” is 30 years old, and 47 % of “gamers” are women. The popularity of online games in social networks and revenue for game developers across countries are indicated. The main tasks in the design of the system are selected. The opportunity of writing games by students themselves has been considered. It will help to understand exactly what they want and what they are mostly interested in. Existing solutions have been analyzed. Their advantages and disadvantages have been included in projected system. Activities of the system have been described. Important elements of the system, namely: providing graphical representation for implemented programs from solutions and evaluation, which makes it possible to keep statics and to give advice have been included. Players present in the system and their possibilities have been given. Advanced architectural solutions, which enable the use of a common API for multiple clients have been provided. The current popular design patterns that underlie the system have been analyzed. The chart of grade for competition which shows the work of the main objectives of the system have been modeled. Also technologies that are present in the system architecture have been given. The stages of implementation have been formed.