The Global Innovation Clusters: Canadian Experience of Public-Private Partnership

Purpose of the article is the research of the modern trends of global innovation clusters development in Canada that based on public-private partnership model, and to identify their features during last years. The hypothesis is that it is possible to formulate the hypothesis that at the postwar period, Ukraine would form a new innovation strategy that will push country to become global competitively and innovatively.

The modus of forming the legal culture of youthin the university environment

It is noted that the university education, which forms a modern creative personality, is a future
specialist in globalized economic relations, a member of the newest elite of Ukrainian society and an active
citizen of the rule of law. Therefore, modern university education in Ukraine aims to become a means,
potential and resource for the development and development of the state, both informational and legal.
However, lack of legal awareness of Ukrainian citizenship has often been, and is, a significant cause of

The problem of formation of the mission of the university in the legal discussion of educational paradigm

The article deals with the problem of formation of the university’s mission in the legal discourse of the educational paradigm. The analysis of modern European and national tendencies of universities has shown the relevance of the transition from simple awareness or even enlightenment to a higher level of competence development of future specialists. Today, such a system of universities is relevant, the essence of which is based on qualitative knowledge, competencies, pedagogical innovations, development of own competence.

Academic mobility of ukrainian study in globalized space: philosophical and legal aspects

In  the  article  on  the  basis  of  the  current  national  legislation  taking  intoaccount  modern 
challenges,  an  innovative  model  of  higher  education  institution  inUkraine  is  outlined.  In  the 
system  of  institutions  of  higher  education  of  Ukraine,  the  following  four  main  types  of 
ownership  can  be  distinguished:  it  is  a  state-owned  higher  education  institution  established  by 
the  state  financed  from  the  statebudget  and  subordinated  to  the  relevant  central  executive 

Dominans for university education in globalization society

The article defines the dominant elements of the development of universityeducation in a 
globalized  society.  The  attention  that  the  University  should  notonly  produce  some  ideas  to 
develop  certain  trends  in  science,  and,  above  all,  topromote  the  progressive  social 
development,  to  fully  ensure  the  requests  andneeds  of  modern  man.  Overcoming  the 
traditional  prevailing  mass-reproductivenature  of  the  development  of  higher  education  is  to 

Study of the system of organizational measures for the formation of the information image of the university

The information image of the university can be formed naturally, without the intervention of the university in the process. However, among other drawbacks, the passivity of universities also affects the integrity of the image. Holistic we assume the image of the university, which has components for each division of the university, which has the potential. That is, in the holistic image of the universities there are no spaces on certain activities of the university.

Key components of the information-educational еnvironment of the modern university

The aim of this paper is illumination of value and influence of informatively-communication technologies on a structure, maintenance and quality of university informatively-educational environment, and also determination of tendencies in relation to their further development and application at higher school.

Information management system of academic journals and conferences of Lviv Polytechnic

Running editorial board of a scientific journal or organizing an academic conference (including managing its program committee) is a complex multistage process that requires effective information Lviv Polytechnic National University Institutional Repository 22 management with application of modern information and communication technologies. These activities are usually cyclical, repeating with each new journal issue or recurring event.

Model of activities of Ukrainian higher educational institutions: conceptual and legal basis

The article deals with the theoretical and legal model of activity of higher educational institutions of Ukraine, its conceptual and legal foundations. Having analyzed the nature of a higher educational institution as the main constituent element of the system of higher education and the key subject of educational legal relations, it is proved that it is a legal entity of private or public law, which, on the grounds provided for by national legislation, attaches to public relations and is entrusted with administrative powers.