Information and psychological war of Russia against Ukraine: how to counteract it

The question of using by the Russian Federation means and methods of information and psychological influence against Ukraine are considered, the reasons for lack of resistance to these actions are studied, specific approaches to protecting the national information field are suggested.


The article is about the fact that in modern mass-media photos more and more often become not only a visual background to informative, analytical or journalistic text, but as headlines attract attention of audience. Such kind of approach increases quality requirements of illustrative material in modern periodicals because popularity of texts which are published in newspapers and magazines depends on that. Some separate photos might become a kind of visual factage which does not need any verbal explanation. 

Photo Reportage in the Genre of Modern Photojournalism

This article is about that in modern conditions in system of genres of journalism which is used to represent something characteristics and definitions of certain genres become too blurred and not clear. Theorists and practitioners of photojournalism give their, sometimes not justified, definitions to genres which much more disorients people, who are trying to master the theory of photojournalism. The author pays attention to that in publications about essence and purpose of genres some genres, even photo reportage, are interpreted in different ways.


The article presents results of the research of themes of Ukrainian-language terms fixed in numerous articles, books and reports during scientific conferences since 1958 till 2018 by 156 Olexandra Serbenska, the famous representative of Ukrainian scholl of terminology, valid member of Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society, professor of Lviv Ivan Franko national university, distinguished professor of Lviv Ivan Franko National University, academician of Ukrainian academy of higher education.


The basic methods of Russian propaganda are analysedin Russian tomass-media of Р, their tasks are exposed: manipulation, assistance to destabilization of politics, economy, culture, other publics pheres, public opinionin Ukraine, to blow up a trust, discredit all Ukrainian: power, politics, economy, culture, other publics pheres; the characteristic signs of modern propaganda are educe dascomponentin formative war of Russia against Ukraine: intentional conscious distribution of falsein formation with the harmful, shattering intentions sent to destabilization of situationin Uk

The models of the media action in social journalism

The social journalism objectives which are realized in the process of the mediation of social reality improve the variety of models of media actions. Through it, in the informational circuit are putted materials which model a civil perception of the reality, induce to citizens the feeling of an ownership and the participation in social life, suggest the possible solutions for solving the problems, and generate the optimal conditions for free implication of citizens in public dialog etc.

Hermeneutic and communication concepts of interpretation of legal texts in mass media and means of mass communication

The article regards the problem of interpretation of legal discourse of mass-media and text with the help of hermeneutic-communicative and legal-linguistic methods. It analyzes the stages of research of legal text in order to avoid diverse interpretations and hermeneutic “mistakes” in legal discourse of mass-media perception.