The importance of effective legal proceedings to the energies justice in Рoland


Kwiatkowska R., Gavron K.

Generalized substantive content terminological apparatus with respect to the various 
fields of activity, accented on the importance of the content and spirit of the effective operation 
of the judicial system. The results of investigation proceedings in the judicial system in Poland, 
evaluated the effectiveness of its functioning as a whole and of court proceedings.  
Systematized European and international approaches to the assessment of the efficiency 
of the justice systems in the context of the evaluation methodology used in the Polish practice.  
Argued that the efficiency of the courts in the exercise of their main goal, which is the 
realization of the right of citizens to a fair trial without undue delay, to a large extent depends 
on the organizational-technical operation of the courts. It is proved that in the present time, in 
this area the most important achievements of the projects yavlyaeyutsya e-court, e-registration 
course of proceedings.  
Analyzed the organizational structure and the expenses of the Polish judicial system and 
draw conclusions about the structural efficiency. The conclusion is that an effective justice is a prerequisite for social and economic progress; noted the low efficiency of the proceedings in 
Poland, due to the fact that the procedures do not realize the purposes for which they were 
created, leading to high costs of the budget and the economy.