Planning the costs of ensuring the quality parameters of the enterprise’s products in the conditions of foreign economic activit

The problems of cost planning for ensuring the quality parameters of the enterprise's products in the conditions of foreign economic activity are investigated. The reasons for the introduction of key principles of quality management in the technology of planning costs to ensure the quality parameters of products are identified. Recommendations for the introduction of assortment policy planning based on the gradation of costs and quality parameters of products at the enterprise in the conditions of foreign economic activity are formed.

Lean management un the context of economic growth and development

Economic growth planning plays an important role because it ensures the efficient operation of the company, and efficient operations cannot be carried out without reducing production costs. That is why it is expedient to implement a system of planning of lean management for the purpose of economic growth in the context of the introduction of new types of foreign economic activity. Therefore, the purpose of the work is to develop measures for planning economic growth at the enterprise in the context of introduction of new types of foreign economic activity.


The linear dependence of some geological (significant) factors responsible for landslide and flooding processes on the cost of geotechnical surveys determining these factors was proved. The principle of selection of engineering-geological surveys, which assess the factors of occurrence of landslide and flooding with high probability, was developed. The possibility of identifying economic territories that may be susceptible to landslide and flooding processes based on already existing basic data of previously conducted engineering-geological surveys is substantiated.


The article gives a methodology for calculating the payback periods and the corresponding results for the options of shopping center construction. Analysis of literary sources showed that the construction of shopping centers is an urgent task. At the same time, it is necessary to link organizational, financial decisions and payback period at the initial stage of the project to choose the optimal model for project implementation. There were conducted organizational modeling in project management software and economic modeling using mathematical packages.

Conceptual Model for Economic Evaluation of Innovative Technologies

The conceptual model for economic evaluation of innovative technologies that focuses on the consumer value thereof has been developed. Contemporary role and significance of the value that is laid in the technology and is a condition for their innovativeness have been substantiated, a set of tools for practical implementation of the proposed model established.

Optimization of topology transmission network mobile communication with taking into account conflicting quality parameters

To meet the put forward contradictory technical and economic demands to the structure of transmission networks it is necessary to use multi-criteria optimization methods when planning them. During our planning of a transmission network we design such a topology that has to provide high quality and sufficient reserve capacity at least costs. In practice it means that the designer must balance three transmission network quality factors, which characterize the cost, the quality and the capacity.

Methodological approaches to accounting operations revenues non-current assets

The economic interpretation of the notion “income” in the scientific literature has been
considered that has made it possible to systematize the main ways of non-current-assets revenues to
the company. For this purpose the analysis of scientific publications related to the revenue fixed
assets in Ukraine for 2011-2013 has been carried out and two issues discussed by scientists have been
singled out: an accounting reflection of revenue fixed- assets transactions and their tax issues.

The importance of effective legal proceedings to the energies justice in Рoland

Generalized substantive content terminological apparatus with respect to the various 
fields of activity, accented on the importance of the content and spirit of the effective operation 
of the judicial system. The results of investigation proceedings in the judicial system in Poland, 
evaluated the effectiveness of its functioning as a whole and of court proceedings.  
Systematized European and international approaches to the assessment of the efficiency 
of the justice systems in the context of the evaluation methodology used in the Polish practice.