Features of the export of certified dairy products to the European Union countries in the conditions of Russian aggression in Ukraine

: pp. 364 - 373
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Foreign Trade and Customs
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The article attempts to investigate the peculiarities of exporting domestically produced dairy products to the European Union countries in the conditions of full-scale invasion and aggression of the occupier of russia. It caused colossal moral and material losses and damages for Ukraine, including for all sectors of the economy and infrastructural sectors of the economy. Among other sectors of the economy, the production of dairy products in the structure of food production suffered significant damage. Like many other Ukrainian enterprises, dairy producers have faced many challenges and problems related to exporting their products.

The assessment of the state of the study of this problem made it possible to conclude that there is an objectively small number of scientific publications for the year 2022 devoted to this topic. However, for this research, it is necessary to rely on the opinions, recommendations, and visions of experts in the dairy industry and stakeholders, taking into account the daily changes in the situation not only in Ukraine but also on the world stage. The work highlights the main principles and rules to which dairy products exported to the EU must comply. It was indicated in which cases dairy products cannot be legally presented on the market of EU countries or are prohibited at all. Within the framework of this study, to implement the tasks set in the work, the justification of the choice of dairy products under code 0402 “Milk and cream, concentrated or containing added sugar or other sweetening matter,” was carried out. The export structures of Ukrainian producers of certified dairy products are analyzed by geographical and commodity structures according to 2016-2021. In the example of one commodity item 040210 for 2021, the value of the export potential of Ukraine and its producers of dairy products is given. The assessment of the potential makes it possible to state that russia's aggression not only destroys entirely or partly the dairy companies but also its potential, deepening the consequences of the global food crisis. The main problems and current challenges in the export of dairy products are outlined, and the primary vectors for the development of the export of Ukrainian dairy products to the EU countries are proposed.

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