Methods of public regulation of agrarian holdings’ activities in Ukraine

This article considers theoretical aspects of public regulation of agrarian holdings’ activities in Ukraine through the methods of public regulation. The article examines the influence of the State on holding enterprises in the agrarian sector of Ukraine as on the object of regulation. The necessity of state support for holding enterprises has been scientifically substantiated.

Problems and Prospective Ways to Increase the Volume of Export of Scientific Services by Ukraine in the Conditions of European Integration

Abstract — the interpretation of the concept of “knowledge-intensive services” by domestic and foreign specialists is considered. The content of the category has been clarified. Data on exports of knowledge-intensive services in Ukraine and the G7 countries in recent years have been studied. The analysis and comparison of structural shares of knowledge-intensive services in the total export of the country is carried out. Data on the number of employees in the field of knowledge-intensive services were studied.

Foreign Trade Relations Between Ukraine and China: Main Directions of Development

The article is devoted to the problems of developing foreign trade relations between Ukraine and China, as China ranks first in terms of trade among other trade partners of Ukraine. The article analyzes the reasons for China’s interest in Ukraine and possible benefits for our country. The countries’ export, import, foreign trade turnover, and foreign trade balance indicators are studied. The calculated indicators allowed us to state a positive trade balance for most goods, which indicates the advantage of exports over imports.

Conceptual Principles of Evaluation of Competitiveness of the Enterprise in the Conditions of Entry Into New International Markets

In today’s market economy, competition is an important concept. Today, issues of competition and competitiveness are especially relevant due to the processes of globalization and intensification of competition between producers of goods and services. As a result, the question arises as to what makes oneproducer better than another and whether he is able to fully meet the needs of his consumer, thus ensuring his profit?

Analysis of Factors Influence on Tolling Operations of Enterprises

A lot of factors from the domestic, national and international environment have a significant influence on the decision to initiate tolling cooperation and its continuation. In today’s hyperdynamic and extremely uncertain economic conditions it has been substantiated that correlation-regression modeling is the most effective tool for quantitative analysis of the factors influencing the enterprise's tolling operations.

Qualitative changes in market and investment environment of domestic enterprises and marketing of their problem of domestic and foreign markets sales

The article given characteristic qualitative changes in the market environment, operation and development of Ukrainian business. The attention is focused on strengthening the process of European integration, accumulation of external and internal threats, requiring significant changes in the marketing policy of companies and their activities on domestic and foreign markets. Identified causes of low efficiency of Ukrainian companies in the EU markets after entering the country for zero duties for exports.

Evaluating the attractiveness of market segments and commodity types to create an export portfolio for a mechanical engineering enterprise

The purpose of this research is analysis and establishment of the performance indicators for the evaluation of market segments’ and products’ (goods and services) attractiveness to ensure the competitiveness of enterprises in the formation of the export portfolio is determined.