Synthesis and Application of Oligomer with Hydroxy Groups based on Peroxy Derivative of ED-24 Epoxy Resin and PolyTHF-2000 Oligoether

New oligomer with peroxy, primary and secondary hydroxy groups has been synthesized on the basis of peroxy derivative of ED-24 epoxy resin (PO) and PolyTHF-2000 oligoether according to the developed procedure. The effect of the catalysts nature and amount, temperature and process time on the reaction rate has been studied. Benzyltriethylammonium chloride, potassium hydroxide, 1,4-diazobicyclooctane and the mixture composed of benzyltriethylammonium chloride and KOH (molar ratio 1:1) were used as the catalysts.

Thermal Decomposition Kinetics of Torrefied Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Briquettes

The study is aimed at investigating the thermal behavior and decomposition kinetics of torrefied oil palm empty fruit bunches (OPEFB) briquettes using a thermogravimetric (TG) analysis and the Coats-Redfern model. The results revealed that thermal decomposition kinetics of OPEFB and torrefied OPEFB briquettes is significantly influenced by the severity of torrefaction temperature. Furthermore, the temperature profile characteristics; Tonset, Tpeak, and Tend increased consistently due to the thermal lag observed during TG analysis.