The effect of light wave length on the rate of carbon dioxide absorption by microalgae has been studied. The mechanism of transfer of carbon dioxide from the air into the internal environment of the cells of microalgae has been described. The coefficient of microalgae growth based on the mathematical model has been determined. The analytical dependence of the mentioned coefficient on the light wave length has been obtained. The optimum length of light wave has been determined to design the flow chart for eliminating carbon dioxide from industrial gas emissions by the biological method.

Kinetics of High-Temperature Interaction of Titanium Alloys with a Carbon-Containing Gaseous Medium

Due to their excellent complex of physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, titanium alloys are unique materials for many branches of industry. An important feature of titanium is its high reactivity concerning the interstitial chemical elements (oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon). The absorption of interstitial elements by titanium alloys causes change in physical and mechanical properties of alloys and articles which are made of them. It should be noted that the titanium alloys are classified, in particular, by the compositions of their structures.

Thermodegradation Effects in Thick-film Elements Based on Spinel Ceramic of Cu- and Co-enriched Compositions

The modern state-of-the-art and perspectives to resolve the problem on negative temperature coefficient thermistor element for sensor electronics were analyzed. It was shown that thick-film technology in application to mixed transition-metal oximanganite ceramics is one of the most effective ways to achieve the final purpose — the elaboration of wide range of thermistors with high stability of their exploitation properties.

Kinetic regularities of copper ions adsorption by natural zeolite

The kinetics of copper ions adsorption by natural zeolite has been investigated in the apparatus with mechanical stirrer. The presence of external diffusion and pore diffusion area was established. For the external diffusive area, the dependence of mass transfer coefficient on stirrer rotation speed was confirmed; the dependence was described using a criterial equation. For the pore diffusion area, the equation is adduced by means of which the effective coefficient of pore diffusion was calculated.

Biofuel characterization and pyrolysis kinetics of acacia mangium

The study seeks to proffer practical solutions to the sustainable waste management of Acacia mangium leaves (AML) and explore its solid biofuel (SBF) potential through thermochemical valorization. Consequently, the physicochemical, thermal and kinetic properties of AML were examined using elemental, proximate, bomb calorimetric, thermogravimetric (TG-DTG), and Kissinger kinetic analyses. The results revealed AML possesses high content of carbon, volatile matter, and fixed carbon but low moisture and ash content.

Кінетика фільтраційного сушіння амофосу

The paper is dedicated to theoretical and experimental investigation of the kinetics of ammophos filtration drying. On the basis of experimental investigations, the criterial dependencies for determination of heat-and-mass transfer are received and the analogy between external heat transfer and mass transfer is determined. Розглядаються теоретичні та експериментальні дослідження кінетики фільтра- ційного сушіння амофосу.

Кінетика фільтраційного сушіння фосфогіпсу

This  article  is  devoted  to  solving  problems  of  disposal  and  use  of phosphogypsum.  Chosen  as  the  most  optimal  and  economically  feasible  method  of drying  phosphogypsum,  namely  filtration  drying  method.  Experimental  study  on drying kinetics of phosphogypsum.  
Вирішенно  проблеми  утилізації  та  використання  фосфогіпсу.  Обрано найоптимальніший  та  економічно  обґрунтований метод  сушіння фосфогіпсу,  а сааме: фільтраційний метод сушіння. Проведені експериментальні дослідження з кінетики сушіння фосфогіпсу. 

Зменшення енергетичних затрат процесу сушіння у виробництві цукатів з груш

Досліджено зміни температурних режимів процесу сушіння у виробництві цукатів
з груш. Проведені експериментальні дослідження з теплообміну та кінетики сушіння
цукатів з груш за різної температури. Експериментально підтверджено доцільність
проведення процесу сушіння за температур цукатів, що дорівнюють температурі
гарячого теплового агенту. Згідно з тепловим балансом розраховано кількість енергії,
накопиченої шаром груші, та необхідної енергії для випарювання вологи. Встановлено,

Peculiarities of medicinal substance release under the conditions of interface diffusion process and hydrolysis of a polymeric matrix

Film systems based on chitosan of various molecular weight (334000 Da and 113000 Da) and the antibiotic of an aminoglycoside row (amikacin) have been investigated. The equations of Ritger-Peppas, Hixson-Crowell and Hopfenberg, describing kinetics of medicine release have been analyzed. It is shown that the release of amikacin from films of chitosan acetate under the conditions of interface diffusion processes and dissolution (hydrolysis) of a polymeric matrix is described more correctly by Hopfenberg’s equation.