Minimization of BITSLICED-representation of 4×4 s-Boxes based on ternary logic instruction

The article is devoted to methods and tools for generating software-oriented bitsliced descriptions of bijective 4×4 S-Boxes with a reduced number of instructions based on a ternary logical instruction. Bitsliced descriptions generated by the proposed method make it possible to improve the performance and security of software implementations of crypto-algorithms using 4×4 S-Boxes on various processor architectures and when designing encryption hardware.

Modeling the influence of components leakage currents on the accuracy of the recurrent LADCS

This work is dedicated to the investigation of errors in the recurrent logarithmic analog-to-digital converters (LADC). A generalized structural diagram of the recurrent LADC with a variable logarithmic base is provided. The implementation features and operating principles are explained. Models of the recurrent LADCs that account for the influence of component leakage currents in the converter circuits have been developed. The models consider changes in the structure of the recurrent LADCs during the conversion process.

Method and utility for minimizing bitsliced representations of 4×4 S-boxes

The article is devoted to methods and tools for generating bitsliced descriptions of bijective 4×4 S-Boxes with a reduced number of gates/instructions. Bitsliced descriptions generated by the proposed method make it possible to improve the security and performance of both software implementations of cryptoalgorithms using 4×4 S-Boxes on various processor architectures, as well as FPGA and ASIC based hardware.

The Comparative Characteristics of Kinematic Parameters of the Flat Die-Cutting Press

Aim. Carrying out a comparative characterization of the kinematic parameters of the developed flat die-cutting press, the drive mechanism of the movable pressure plate of which includes a cam, rollers, spring and levers, with two laws of periodic movement of the executive link (roller). Method. A flat die-cutting press was chosen as the research material, for which a new design of the drive mechanism of the movable pressure plate was developed, for which a Ukrainian patent for the invention was obtained.

Applying Smartphones for Positioning in the Middle of the Room

The article deals with the problem of navigating indoors in conditions of satellite signal unavailability. In this case, alternative sources of positioning are used to determine the location of the objects. Use for navigation tasks inside the premises of the smartphone allows you to get comprehensive data on its operation. To solve the problem of navigation, the most important elements of the data sets is the unique identifier of the monitored device and the relative power level of the signal received from it.

Analysis of the Dynamics of Movement of Electrodes Of the Arc Steel Melting Furnace Under Different Laws of Control

Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) are the main electrotechnological units that produce high-alloy, special steels and precision alloys. Its efficiency is determined by the impeccable subsystem of the Electrical Mode control (EM) and regulating coordinates of the subsystem. These subsystems constitute the structure of the hierarchical control system of electric steelmaking modes, which belong to a class of complex interconnected nonlinear stochastic systems with intense parametric and coordinate perturbations and phase-asymmetric loading.

Structural and Kinematic Synthesis of the 1-DOF Eight-Bar Walking Mechanism with Revolute Kinematic Pairs

Problem statement. The use of existing and the most widespread drives (wheeled and caterpillar one) is sometimes limited by complicated operational conditions while moving on rough terrain. The mentioned drives require a relatively flat surface to be operated effectively. A rocky or a hilly terrain imposes the demand of the use of alternative types of drives, in particular, walking ones.

Взаємодія вітрових потоків з огороджувальними конструкціями висотних будівель

This article describes the formula determining the temperature, velocity and force of wind flow around the buildings. The dependence of wind speed and temperature difference, showing the distribution of aerodynamic coefficients on the facade of the building in different directions of wind flow. The basic building envelope and the effect of surface roughness on the flow around buildings.

Швидкість горіння твердого палива в топкових процесах опалювальних котлів

In the article there were analyzed researches of combustion speed of solid fuel, here are considered common schemes of ball mechanical fire-boxes, is described mine-layered scheme for burning of solid fuel with different characteristics: calorific value, ash content, moisture, volatile matters, fractional part, that are known. Here are analytical equations to calculate the basic parameters of the combustion zone based on a mathematical model of burning solid fuel process in mine-layered fire-boxes with its translational and rotational movement on the grid-iron lattice.