Whey Disinfection and its Properties Changed under Ultrasonic Treatment

The effect of ultrasonic cavitation on the vital activity of microorganisms in lactowhey has been investigated. The influence of different gases on the process proceeding and oxygen role in the oxidation of whey organic components under the influence of ultrasound has been determined. The destruction of protein macromolecules takes place in whey chemical structure after ultrasonic treatment. The destruction has been investigated and branched amino and carboxyl groups in whey peptides have been observed.

Ultrasonic Activation of the Catalysts of Ethylbenzene Dehydration to Styrene

The ultrasonic treatment of Fe2-Bi-Mo2-Ox catalyst of ethylbenzene oxidative dehydration to styrene has been studied. Its physico-chemical properties have been compared with those of non-activated catalyst before and after operation. It has been shown that the catalyst prepared from salts solution activated by ultrasound has better activity and increases styrene yield under the same conditions.

Starch Dispersion in Water under Ultrasonic Treatment

Decomposition of starch grains in water dispersion and destruction of starch macromolecules in water solutions at acoustic cavitation has been investigated. Kinetics of this process is described by the first order process. Based on experimental data the rate constants have been found. Mathematical model based on found equations and experimental rate constants allows describing the kinetics of starch grains and starch macromolecules destruction in water as well as the change of relative viscosity of starch solution under ultrasonic treatment.

Obtaining Peculiarities and Properties of Polyvinylpyrrolidone Copolymers with Hydrophobic Vinyl Monomers

Polymerization of hydrophobic vinyl monomers in polyvinylpyrrolidone aqueous solutions has been investigated under ultrasonic treatment. The effect of ultrasound on the destruction of water-soluble polymeric matrices has been examined. The obtaining mechanism of block- and grafted copolymers of vinyl monomers with polyvinylpyrrolidone has been proposed. The copolymers have been synthesized as films and their main properties, physico-mechanical and sorption-diffusive, in particular, have been investigated.

The Use of Ultrasound for Obtaining Pharmaceutical Grade Sodium Chloride

The use of ultrasound (US) in the preparation of pharmaceutical grade (PG) sodium chloride by the sampling of final product from a vacuum evaporator during the process of obtaining the “Extra” class table salt at the crystallization stage of the sodium chloride has been investigated. The US had been used: 1) for the content control of the base matter - sodium chloride in the stock – natural brine (sonoluminescent spectroscopy method).