Since the local Orthodox Church of Ukraine received the Tomos of Autocephaly, Patriarch Bartholomew has visited all of them, the visit of Pope Francis is expected in the near future, and religious and ecumenical themes have become one of the top in the press. That is why there is a need to analyze its development and coverage in various media.


The specifics of coverage of literary and literary-critical topics in specialized magazines (“Literaturna Ukrayina”, “Ukrayinsʹka literaturna hazeta”) and magazines of social and cultural issues (“Krytyka”, “Zbruč”) are considered. The current stage of development of literary magazines and literary sections of publications is considered to be due to the logic of dialogue between traditional and modern trends in the literary-critical field of modern Ukrainian humanities.

Features of the Interview in the Program “Randevu” With Yanina Sokolova on the “5 Kanal” and “Larry King Now” on the “CNN”

The journalism genre is extremely dynamic. It is constantly changing and trying to meet the needs of today’s audience. The interview is a one of the most popular genres of today’s media. This genre can be a method of gathering information for various journalistic material. But journalists were often interviewed as an independent genre.

Does the philosophy of dialogue have a future? (Review of the monograph Bartłomiej Sipiński. Dialog. Poznań: Pracownia Humanistycznych Studiów Interdyscyplinarnych UAM, 2015. 259 s.)

The author of the monograph considers the phenomenon of dialogue in the context of the philosophy of dialogue and personalism. Therefore, the author’s approach to realizing dialogue is called “dialogical personalism” and its method is a 
phenomenological description. There are different levels of intentional bias between Me and Thou. The author argues that

The ecumenical initiative of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky

The article analyzes the work of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky devoted to the problem of unification of Ukrainian churches. The Metropolitan’s view on the issues of separation caused by foreign influences on historical, cultural and mental development of the Ukrainian people is being researched. It turns out that A.Sheptytsky put great hopes in the reunification of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, which, being combined dogmatically with the West and ritually with the East, was objectively intended to work. Practical activity of A.

The word, which is ensuited to national spirit (to 150 years of the birth of m. Gryshevskiy)

One of the genial features of patriarch of Ukrainian national aspiration and his role as creator of history-ownership of selfless talent to communicate and to manage the history of nation by the word is considered in this article. Spaces in scientific reseaches of his patrimony need to be overcome for a new features of portrait of M. Gryshevskiy in the context of objective assessments him as the master of awakening of Ukrainian society by dialog with them.

Dialogue executive authorities and civil society

In the article the problems of executive power in Ukraine. Particular attention is paid
wikis interaction between government and civil society. Determine the need to intensify
dialogue following aspects of public and government: establishing interaction by improving
the functioning of public authorities; intensification of the dialogue by providing opportunities
for citizens to participate in public affairs; the use of new information technologies to improve governance, inter alia through the initiative "Partnership" Open Government; strengthening

Historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine in civilizational dialogue

The article clarifies the conceptual apparatus of the study. The historical aspects of the formation of European civilization and cultural heritage have been analyzed. The role of cultural diplomacy in terms of national identity has been described. The importance of continuous dialogue and mutual national culture for the political, economic and cultural rapprochement between the peoples of Europe and the world were emphasized. The activity of Ukraine by updating the List of World historical and cultural heritage was examined.