The article presents the department of architectural environment design phenomenon at Architecture institute of Lviv Polytechnic National University in its conceptual, artistic and time development towards architectural education and profession of the future. 

On the activities of non-governmental organizаtions in Ukraine

The article analyzes main goals of non-governmental organizations that perform their activities in Ukraine. Basic functions of non-governmental organizations, realization of which have some specific external forms, are highlighted. The goal, areas of activities and sources of funding of non-governmental organizations are defined. Drawbacks of non-governmental organization’s activities are noticed. The author of an article suggests his definition of the forms of non-governmental organization’s activities.

Determination of conduct definitions: theoretical and legal aspects

The features of the concept of behavior essential content of which is at the present stage of transformation of society is revealed through the following categories and concepts like “man”, “society”, “activity”, “public” and “industrial relations”, “social life”, “personality” etc. The behavior is considered as a set of successive works or system of human action as practical, real or realized the effect that, first, there is a kind of behavior, meaningful set of works.

Рersonal system social bonds: philosophical and legal aspects

On the philosophical level legal definition of identity is analyzed in the system of social
relations. It was found that personality - one of the basic personality traits, its essential
characteristic, which is determined by the form and manner of being human subjects
conscious activity. Proved that identity formation historically determined system of social
relations culture of a certain age, she gradually takes possession during public life. From that,
what social factors shape a person, independent and individual personality traits. These

Behavior as activity: social-legal dimension of personality

The article detailed analysis of the problem of individual behavior in social and legal discourse, describes the value orientation of man as a philosophical and legal category. Thebehavior of a set of actions and deeds, expressions and forms of activity that are primarily categories of social philosophy and covers the objectives, means and results of the process of form. Sformulovavno conceptual positions and conclusions about the phenomenon of the individual as the foundation of modern legal anthropology.

The idea of “individuality”: philosophical and legal concept

In the article the essence of the definition of “identity” as a complex multi-faceted and multi-level structure, the meaning of which depends not only on the wealth of natural its premises, but also the depth and breadth of its entry into the mechanism of public relations, as well as the degree of social activity, reflecting sub of the object as individual. The researcher examined the defining idea of “individuality” in the philosophical and legal terms, the proposed methodological concept on the designated problems.

Concept personal development of individuals in the philosophical and legal views of modern times

The article analyzes the concept of the personal development of the individual in philosophical and legal views of modern times. It is proved that the realization of the essence of the individual is depending on internal guidelines on the existence or ownership, so it can be productive or unproductive. Thoroughly analyzed the doctrine of freedom as it is in the New Time is the main basis of creating a new image of man in the philosophical and legal space.

Human behavior, philosophical and legal reflection “activity” and “activity”

The article investigates human behavior as an object of philosophical and legal reflection “activity” and “activity”. Modified the problem motivated and achieve value-oriented human behavior, acting peculiar social processes substance of human life in all spheres of public life. Deals behavior primarily as a category of social philosophy, which includes objectives, means and results of the process of form.

Social value and orientations in professional activity of young specialists, graduates from universities of Ukraine

The article covers the notion of professional activity of young specialists, graduates from universities of Ukraine, that under modern socially-economical and politically-legal conditions carry out essential functions in all the social branches of society, the development, functioning of the state, and their professional activity stands as a major social value.