Ідентифікація параметрів моделі газотранспортної системи

Запропоновано швидкі алгоритми аналізу даних вимірювання на великих інтервалах часу та розв’язування систем нелінійних контурних рівнянь, які дали мож- ливість розв’язати задачі ідентифікації в умовах невизначеності. Наведено класи- фікацію та характеристику невизначеностей. Запропоновано алгоритми знаходження параметрів моделей та стану об’єктів в умовах невизначеності.

Дослідження невизначеностей у задачах сценарного планування

Проаналізовано головні типи невизначеностей, які з’являються під час розв’язання задач сценарного планування. Запропоновано для подолання невизначе- ностей в задачах сценарного планування визначати інформаційні ситуації та відповідно до інформаційних ситуацій та типів невизначеності системно використовувати методи аналізу та прийняття рішень.

The Management of Venture Structures in Conditions of Uncertainty

The study examines the problem of managing venture structures in conditions of uncertainty, where modern companies face unprecedented change and risk. The relevance of the research is due to global transformations, geopolitical conflicts, technological innovations and unexpected market changes. The article discusses strategies for managing venture structures in conditions of uncertainty, including adaptation to changes, portfolio diversification, and involvement of experts.

Modeling of the error determination in accepting financial decisions in conditions of uncertainty

The article presents the modeling mechanism of the error determination when making financial decisions in conditions of uncertainty and risk.  Researched modeling is based on using the assessing of the diagnosed level of enterprises' economic security with help of mathematical description and calculations of probability transitions matrix and using the research method, the method of direct and reverse interpolation, averaging, statistical and index method, root mean square error method, simulation modeling, probability theory method, matrix method, etc.  It has been studied that the most di

The impact of cognitive distortions of economic development

The article studies cognitive distortions (illusions) and the possibilities of using cognitive and emotional factors to make decisions by different market actors in conditions of uncertainty. The theoretical foundations of the irrational behavior of economic actors, based on cognitive or social reasons, are highlighted. The authors note that the functioning of the cognitive sphere of a person is often accompanied by certain errors that are scientifically attributed to cognitive distortions in the rational behavioral paradigm that cause distortions in the perception of reality.

Public administrative activity in the conditions of contemporary uncertainty: information and communication aspect

Problem setting. One of the main problems of modern times is the existing huge information flow and the lack of correct, true, and timely information, which causes uncertainty in the process of making management decisions. Such a situation can lead to the inefficiency of public management activities in the conditions of modern uncertainty, a decrease in the level of public support and a decrease in trust in power structures.


This article presents results related to the direct solution of the polynomial regression parameters based on the analytical solving of regression equations. The analytical solution is based on the normalization of the values of independent quantity with equidistance steps. The proposed solution does not need to directly solve a system of polynomial regression equations. The direct expressions to calculate estimators of regression coefficients, their standard deviations, and also standard and expanded deviation of polynomial functions are given.


Measurement of time intervals with low accuracy on intervals from a few seconds to several hours or days is relevant for some broad applications in various fields of activity. Such measurements are widely used in the technological processes of various enterprises during the preparation and quality control of the preparation of medicines, during the maintenance of technical equipment and mechanisms, chemical technological processes, etc.

Robust multi-objective optimization for solving the RFID network planning problem

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a new technology used for identifying and tracking objects or people by radio-frequency waves to facilitate automated traceability and data collection.  The RFID system consists of an electronic tag attached to an object, readers, and a middleware.  In the latest real applications based on the RFID technology, the deployment of readers has become a central issue for RFID network planning by means of optimizing several objectives such as the coverage of tags, the number of readers, and the readers/tags interferences.  In practice, the system is affect


The article considers the current methods of measuring the calorific value of natural gas which are valid in the upto-date gasometry. The procedure for measuring the gross and net volume-basis specific calorific value of natural gas by the calorimetric method is analyzed. It is shown that to increase the accuracy and validity of measurement results, the experiment to determine the values of gross and net volume-basis specific calorific should be performed for at least 5 samples of the investigated gas.