Multi-attribute group decision-making problem of medical consumption products based on extended TODIM-VIKOR approach with Fermatean fuzzy information measure

The fundamental goal of this research is to develop a MAGDM (Multi-Attribute Group Decision Making) problem of Medical Consumption Products.  We propose TODIM–VIKOR approach in this paper, which combines the TODIM (an acronym in Portuguese for Interactive and Multi-criteria Decision-Making) and VIKOR (Vlsekriterijumska Optimizacija I Kompromisno Resenje) procedures under Fermatean fuzzy information.  A new Fermatean fuzzy scoring function is presented for dealing with comparison problems.  In addition, we introduce a novel entropy measure for assessing the degree of fuzziness associated wit

Entropy calculation for networks with determined values of flows in nodes

The paper analyses a network with given input and output flows in each of its nodes.  The basis of this analysis is the algorithm for determining the set of solutions of the linear equations system, using the Gaussian method.  The power of the set determines the structural entropy of the system.  By introducing uncertainty into the value of part of the information flows, the deviation of the network from its equilibrium state is simulated.  The set of potential solutions, as a part of the total set of the system solutions, determines the statistical entropy of the syste

Increase in an Entropy of a Code Word in the Binary Channel With Constant Duration

Transmission and perception of information are based on property of matter — reflection. Reflection is objective material process as a result of which system “A” interacting with system “B” reflects its image by change of the properties or acquires the new properties connected to closeness of system “B”. Therefore, the content of reflection is defined by features of the displayed system “B”, and the form of reflection — change of properties of the perceiving system “A”.

Segmentation of partially-blurred images using wavelet transform

In the research a method for segmentation of partially-blurred images using the wavelet transformation, particularly coiflet of the order L=3 is presented. The entropy is used as a segmentation criterion based on wallet transformation. K-means method is used for image segmentation. Developed method was tested and has shown good results of his work; it correctly performs more than 82 % of pixels of image, and in many individual cases, more than 90 %.

Thermodynamic properties of solubility of 2-methyl-5-arylfuran-3-carboxylic acids in organic solvents

The temperature dependencies of both acids solubility in acetonitrile, dimethylketone, isopropanol, ethylacetate and benzene were investigated. The results were represented by Shredder’s equation according to which enthalpies, entropies and Gibbs energy of solubility at 298 K were determined. Fusion heats of the acids were determined using differential thermal analysis. In accordance with obtained values the enthalpies, entropies and Gibbs energy of mixing were calculated. The compensating effect of mixing was observed for al solvents with carboxy group.

Theoretical foundations of assessment method of structured multifunctinal data entropy

The theoretical position entropy method of assessment and structural complexity of binary images. An example of calculating entropy and structural complexity of binary images based on correlation entropy measures and criteria of structural complexity.

The use of predictors is in the process of making progress hierarchical context-independent compression of images without losses

Argued expedience, the method of round of pixels is resulted and the predictors for realization of progressing hierarchical context-independent compression of images without losses are offered . The results of application of proposed approaches for diminishing entropy of representing the set of ACT in the process of previous transformations are presented.

Information technology improving the spatial fragmentation of digital satellite images based on ica- and wavelet transform

The paper presents information technology that improves the spatial separation of multichannel images. The results show that the proposed method can have a better trade-off between spectral and spatial information. Moreover, compared with ICA fusion method, it can not only improve the spatial resolution of fused image, but also eliminate the drawback of spectral distortion of ICA fusion method in local regions.

Thermodynamics as a Base of Behaviour of Inanimate and Animate Nature

In this article the concept which allows to investigate the behavior of open (biological) systems by using the laws of unbalanced (classical) thermodinamics is examined. The second law of thermodynamics is applicable to open systems as well, provided that only in case of considering the whole system (continuum) “open system–environment” the total entropy will always increase.