Research of Physical and Chemical Properties of Cosmetic Emulsions of Oil-in-Water Type Based on Polyorganosyloxanes and their Alternative Substitute

The paper presents the results of the study of the effects of conditioning agents on the basis of polyorganosiloxanes – cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, SilCare Silicone SEA, and their alternative substitute on the basis of coco caprylate Cetiol C5 on the rheological and organoleptic properties of the modeled cosmetic emulsion system. The influence of cosmetic emulsion on the basis of investigated compounds on the water-fat balance of the skin is determined.

Сomparative study of the hydrocarbon resins production of by the С9 fraction emulsion and suspension oligomerization

The production of a hydrocarbon resins (co-oligomers) by low-temperature dispersion co-oligomerization of C9 fraction of diesel fuel pyrolysis liquid by-products was researched. This method allows to reduce the temperature of the process. The synthesis was carried out by emulsion and suspension co-oligomerization. The main regularities of the suspension and emulsion oligomerization of the hydrocarbon fraction C9 are established. The effect of temperature, initiator concentration and process duration on the yield, physical and chemical properties of synthesized oligomers were investigated.

Коолігомеризація в емульсії вуглеводнів фракції с9 з використанням персульфату калію

 The synthesis of cooligomers by cooligomerization in the emulsion of hydrocarbon C9 fraction of liquid pyrolysis products is described. The major features of the cooligomerization of a mixture of unsaturated hydrocarbons of C9 fraction have been investigated and optimum process conditions have been selected. Одержано коолігомери за допомогою коолігомеризації в емульсії вуглеводневої фракції С9 рідких продуктів піролізу. Встановлено основні закономірності та вибрано оптимальні умови процесу коолігомеризації суміші ненасичених вуглеводнів фракції С9. 

Дослідження нейоногенних деемульгаторів різної будови на штучних нафтових емульсіях

The experimental results concerning demulsified ability of block copolymers of ethylene and propylene oxides wich may be used as  demulsifiers for oil emulsions have been represented. The dependence of their efficiency on the content of oxyethylene and oxypropylene groups in the molecule has been determined. The dependence of their degree of dehydration on the temperature and emulsion composition has been determined. 

Дослідження емульсійної коолігомеризації ненасичених вуглеводнів фракції с9 в різних дисперсійних середовищах

The investigated influence  of surface tension on the process of emulsion cooligomerization. The synthesis of cooligomers by emulsion cooligomerization of hydrocarbon fraction C9 of liquid products of pyrolysis. The major features of the cooligomerization process of  mixture of unsaturated hydrocarbons of fraction C9 have been investigated and optimum conditions have been selected.

Physico-Chemical Properties and Efficiency of Demulsifiers based on Block Copolymers of Ethylene and Propylene Oxides

The investigation results about physico-chemical properties of block copolymers based on ethylene and propylene oxides and their solutions which may be used as demulsifiers for oil emulsions have been represented. The dependence of their physico-chemical properties on the content of oxyethylene and oxypropylene groups in the molecule has been determined. On the basis of the technological suitability a series of block copolymers was chosen and their demulsified ability was examined.