satellite images

Monitoring of coniferous forest drying in Precarpathian region using remote sensing data

Purpose. The aim of this research is monitoring of coniferous forests of Tukhlya forestry in Precarpathian region using medium and high resolution satellite images and images obtained from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Methodology. To monitor the condition of forests of Tukhlya Forestry, a technique based on using satellite images with different spectral characteristics and resolutions, images obtained from UAVs and, accordingly, their processing by different methods, was used.

Research of forest classification methods using high-resolution space images

In this paper a researches of methods for the controlled classification by the spectral distance, Mahalanobis distance and maximum probability to identify forests was conducted. As a materials for the research space images of the satellites Ikonos, QuickBird and test information from ground-based methods were used. As an outcome it was identified that the maximum probability method is the most efficient one for the forest classification issue.