Treatment of high-strength wastewater from ammonium and phosphate ions with the obtaining of struvite

This work reviews the main methods of nitrogen and phosphorus removal from wastewater. The method of simultaneous removal of highly concentrated nitrogen and phosphorus was analyzed by physical and chemical precipitation, forming struvite, a by-product of magnesium ammonium orthophosphate hexahydrate. Laboratory investigations were conducted on the test solutions with the concentrations of ammonium nitrogen, phosphates, ions of magnesium and calcium corresponding to the ones of relevant elements in wastewater of swine complexes located in Lviv region, Ukraine.

Using of zeolite to clean the effluents of meat enterprises

Ecological evaluation of effluents from meat enterprises shows that processing of agricultural production is accompanied by consumption of large amount of water which is saturated with organic substances and a number of biogenic elements (phosphorus and nitrogen compounds) during its industrial utilization. Effectiveness of natural sorbents klynoptylolit use for removing of such pollutants as ammonium and phosphate ions and protein fractions was theoretically substantiated and proved.