disturbed land

Monitoring of geological and hydrological conditions of ways mining sulfur carpathian basin

Based on monitoring revealed complex geological and hydrological conditions sirkonosnoho Carpathian Basin. Among them special value and have obvodnenist zakarstovanist pool area, a different depth and power of ore formation. Given this, it became necessary to use complex methods of development of individual deposits of sulfur.


The methodology of ecological and landscape monitoring of disturbed land (on the example of Rozdil quarry)

The conditions of the emergence and development of monitoring as an integrated scientific information system monitoring the various natural and man-made objects and phenomena. The method of ecological and landscape monitoring of disturbed lands in the open fields of industrial development brimstone is described.


The classification of anthropogenic soils: modern methodological approaches

The analysis and genetic-morphological evaluation of existing classifications reconstruction soil, which will allow to significantly improve their future in the light of modern teaching approaches. This should draw attention to the terminology of certain taxonomic units used in the classification of industrial soil.