Модель процесу передавання управлінської інформації в соціально-економічних мережах

The paper develops a model for the description of management information on the social-economic network. It is proved that within the model such networks can be described as a one-dimensional chain, wherein the active agents are at the same distance from each other (strongly connected network) or a combination of one-dimensional chains (weakly-bound network).

The strategies of stock management on farms in the Lublin province

The paper presents opinions of farmers on strategies for the management of stocks in
farms of Lublin province. The purpose of research was to define the strategies as well as the
farmers’ plans concerning stock management on farms in Lublin province. The choice of
farms has been intentional. The research constitutes of the entities from the Lublin province
taking part in the Polish system of FADN (Farm Accountancy Data Network) which run
agricultural accountancy supervised by the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics in
Warsaw (IERiG -PIB).

Peculiarities of the formation of groups of related enterprises in Ukraine and their manageme

The basic legal and economic principles for the formation of groups of related companies
as business system in Ukraine have been analyzed. It was found out that the modern group of
related enterprises have complex multilevels organizational structure, as each of the
participants of the economic entity (each company) can have both an extensive network of
structural subdivisions (branches and representative offices), subsidiaries and participate in
joint activities. This group of companies determined that for business diversification and

Management of innovation activities at engineering enterprises under condition of mass individualization of demand

Analyzing the state of the economy of the present day we see the need of use of innovative processes, as a basis of high-quality shifts. Under modern conditions of economic activity the innovation becomes a driving force of economic, technological, political, ecological and social development of society.

Guerrilla marketing as a tool to improve management of domestic enterprises

The article reveals the essence of the notion of ‘guerilla marketing’, analyzes foreign experience of its usage in the system of enterprise management, provides detailed research on its condition and prospects due to the implementation of ‘guerilla marketing’ in Ltd. ‘Misto-D’ and thus defines the effectiveness of its applying. It is emphasized that guerrilla marketing is one of the most popular marketing tools that provides effective promotion of goods and services on the market with the lowest costs.

Impact mechanism of growth target efficiency of staff motivation on quality work

The article considers the problem of personnel management as a key element for provision of normal and effective development of an enterprise in the present day economic conditions. Timeliness of investigation of conditions of dynamic and impactful personnel motivation enhancement mechanism creation has been elucidated. On the basis of analysis of personnel motivation viewed as a function of management activities, strategic principles and procedures for effective corporate motivation mechanism creation have been determined.

Budgeting in the management of enterprise capital investment actvity

In a highly competitive market enterprises, to increase production and sales, have to invest heavily in the development of stock capital. They make major construction, reconstruction, modernization, purchase and create their own noncurrent assets and other tangible and intangible fixed assets. Such activity of the company is referred to as the activity of capital investment. Its effective operation requires system management on the principles of autonomy and commercialization.

Financial management in the process of innovation project implementation

The paper studied the theoretical and practical aspects of the financial sphere in the process of innovation project. The characteristic of the term "innovation project". Considered an innovative project stage and given them a description. This definition of the term "business plan". Characterized sources of funding for innovative projects. The detailed analysis of internal and external sources of funding. An assessment of the financing innovation of domestic enterprises. The correlation between spending on innovation activities of enterprises.

Crowdsourcing as management tool: examples of solving local problems

The economic crisis in the country, the limited capacity to attract foreign capital actualize the need to find internal resources for investing development at all levels: from the state to a settlement and an individual enterprise. One way to find solutions to these problems using relatively free assistance is crowdsourcing. The article examines the main factors that influence the success of crowdsourcing projects locally. Identification of these factors is based on the analysis of successful examples of crowdsourcing projects for solving problems of local development in Ukraine.