Analysis of financial stability of enterprises and directions of its providing

The article is sanctified to research of economic essence and methodical bases of estimation of financial stability, theoretical aspects of influence of factors on providing of financial stability o fenterprise structures. In the article existent methodologies of analysis of financial stability of enterprise are considered. Application of indexes of financial stability as basic indicator of financial prosperity of enterprise is reasonabled. Basic tasks to the analysis of financial stability of enterprise and system of factor that influence on the financial state are outlined.

Розподіл обмежених ресурсів в управлінні проектами

In the article are analyzed and described basic models and methods of division limited resources in a management projects. The methods of division limited resources are considered with application of the calendar planning, priorities, and competitions. The basic methods of division limited resources are also considered between the projects of brief-case of projects.


The mechanism of diagnosing the economic decisions making of business entities is
developed and justified. Based on research of theoretical provisions, authors proved economic
decision making is determining condition of economic activity and require delement of the
process of realizing the physical impact on resources through the transformation of which such
activityis carried out. Economic decisions are made directly by business entity that carries out
the activity, independently conducts economic operations, enters into contractual, property

Administration of access rights to the corporate network with the integrated automation of the bank

The article is devoted to the administration of access rights in Role-Based model Access Control to the corporate banking networks. Four main functional roles are offered in accordance with the international standard CobiT. The problem of remote connectivity to information resources of banks in terms of security is similar to the problem BYOD. There are proposed an algorithm of the automated control of remote access. The algorithm is based on the separation of the work area in the virtual space of the bank's server.

Legal research management in the field of environment: somemethodological remarks

Specific features of research management in the environmental sector, due to modern needs and intended primarily for practical and useful results is analyzed in the article. The necessity of complex research, application of comparative legal method is emphasized. Analysis of jurisprudence, including legal opinions of the Supreme Court of Ukraine as an indicator of
the real state of relation in the sphere of environmental protection is considered in the article.

Marketing distribution policy: principles of management and performance indicators

The existing approaches to management systems formation are analyzed. It is proposed to manage marketing distribution policy according to the principles of the 5P-4S-5C. It is determined that the effectiveness of marketing distribution policy can be defined on the basis of indicators that can be combined in the following groups: market share indicators, indicators of sales activities profitability, indicators of marketing costs effectiveness, indicators of inventory and indicators of service

Actual problems of economics and capitalization value-oriented management: new challenges of marketing

The article given quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the processes of capitalization of economy of Ukraine in the deepening systemic crisis and globalization of the investment market. It is proved about strengthening the necessity of greater influence of marketing on the process of forming costs and finding new sources of value creation in emerging European markets. Attention is focused on ensuring long-term competitive advantages through innovative marketing solutions for commodity and stock markets.

The management of cultural institutions and their image on the basis of the institutions of wrocław municipality

The essence of the problem in the present market environment is the adjustment of the cultural institution’s offer to modern culture audience – their requirements and tastes. In order to fulfil the difficult task of managing such institutions, the leaders need to constantly follow the missions of these institutions and – at the same time – manage them in a “marketoriented” way and consciously create their image. One of the responses to the present culture consumers’ trends in experiential marketing.

Operational accounting in management industrial enterprises

Analyzes contemporary approaches to economic accounting division into separate species exposed place and operational records in the enterprise management system, substantiates the need for its consideration as a relatively isolated information system.
There are considered the different approaches to the theoretical validity and practical feasibility of the allocation records management system for managing industrial business.

Accounting and analytical support of enterprise management in system of product quality

The results of analysis, systematization and summarizing of the main technical and economic indicators of products quality control are given in the article. They, in complex with the carried out research and the constructed economic and mathematical model of assessment of labor costs of production processes with regeneration (restoration), form accounting and analytical support for employees in the quality management.