sustainable development

The influence ofmodern trends in economic development on the substantiation of public corporate reporting format

Society guidance of today's global economy development can be justified by two crucial
concepts – post-industrial society and sustainable development. The economy of post-industrial
society (post-industrial economy) is characterized primarily by information, intellectual and
telecommunications technologies development, which have led to significant changes in the structure
of population employment and manufactured product and also to enhancing of dynamism and
globalization of its evolution. Sustainable development implies the establishment of social and

Research problems in the development of environmentally-oriented economy (on the instance of the industrial enterprises on the Lviv region)

The anthropogenic environmental problems in the Lviv region studied in scientific paper. Sustainable development characteristics of the Lviv region in 2009-2011 are given using indicators such as the index of sustainable development, detailed by three indicators of sustainable development - economic, environmental and socio-institutional and the harmonization of sustainable development level.

Thе formation of rеlationships schеmе in the systеm of managеmеnt of land rеsourcеs in the procеss of bordеring lands of statе and municipal propеrty as for sеttlеmеnts on the basis of institutional approach

In the article the problems of settlements land management in separation procedure of land in state and municipal property in the current stage of state development is shown. The management model of settlements land use which include the state, public and private interests are proposed.