public relations

Public Relations in the System of Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a Typical Model of Communication in Public Government

The article considers the peculiarities of public relations in the system of strategic communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, defines their role and place from the standpoint of public administration. The main components of the functioning of the strategic communications system in NATO member countries are analyzed. Emphasis is placed on NATO’s strategic communications standards and policies. Strategic communications in the field of public administration are aimed at the interoperability of government and society.

Analysis of the information component of the interaction of public organizations of medical staff with state authorities

The article examines the state of the Internet representation of medical personnel public organizations in the context of the regions of Ukraine. In particular, the reflection of the activities of such public organizations on the official sites of regional health care departments and/or regional state administrations is analyzed. The activities of the public association “Lviv Regional Association of Medical Sisters” (NGO “LOAMS”) as a typical representative of such organizations are considered in more detail.

Legal interests of citizens in the property: the theoretical-legal dimension

The article is devoted to the theoretical and legal analysis of the category “legitimate interest”, the formation of its definition, the separation on this basis of a common understanding of the legitimate interests of citizens in the field of property. Particular attention is given to the analysis of three key theories of explanation of the content of legitimate interest, which relate to the identification of legitimate interests with the pursuit of a person, legal resolution and subjective legal law. The article proposes to recognize legitimate interest as a specific legal possibility.

Relations in the network Internet how to object legal regulation

The article is devoted to the study of legal regulation of social relations in the Internet. The legislative regulation of the Internet as a special informational space and as a technological network is analyzed. Different approaches and classification peculiarities of legal regulation of the Internet as a technological network and as a special environment in which communicative relations are implemented are described. Determined the leading role of the state in regulating the Internet and establishing legislative provision, while the importance of self-regulatory relations.

Theoretical and methodological aspects of the subject of social security law

The  presence  in today’s  legal  discourse  of  a  large number  of  scientific  approaches to  the 
definition  of  the  subject  of  social  welfare  law  is  unjustified,  since  it  is  impossible  to  determine 
the  universal  criterion  for  distinguishing  this  branch  of  law  from  the  converging  branches  of 
law. In our opinion, the relations that constitute the subject of the right of social security in the 
main  number  of  their  material  nature,  as  well  as  not  material,  although  tangent  to  the 

Development of administrative justice in the context of the judicial reform of Ukraine

The article is devoted to the consideration of issues related to the development of
administrative justice, taking into account the ongoing judicial reform in Ukraine, which is
designed to protect the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of a person and citizen by
timely, effective and fair resolution of disputes in public law based on the rule of law


Relying on a comparative analysis of the provisions of the concept of «proposed circumstances» of Stanislavsky and the theory of public relations, the author proves their commonality.

The purpose of our study was to determine the degree of coincidence of the components of the concept of «proposed circumstances» of Stanislavsky and the theory of public relations.

Principles of administrative proceedings as the basis of protection of human rights and citizens

The article deals with issues related to ensuring the principles of administrative legal proceedings, since the practical implementation of these principles is a universally recognized criterion of the rule of law and democratic political and legal regime, really contributes to the creation of a truly democratic and socially oriented state inconceivable without a strong and independent judiciary.

Development of personality in the social communities: total individually

The article highlights traced and scientific development of the individual in the social communities to determine the total individual. Found out the problem of identity as individuals in the context of the category comparison "individuality" and "personality." Proved that the development of the individual, the disclosure of her identity - the development of general public, individually and through him increase wealth and diversity of the spiritual world, the development initiative and creativity.

Perspectives of applying legal norms of the constitutional court of Ukraine in the development of language legislation

The perspective of applying legal norms for the reformation of language legislation specified in the decisions of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine is considered. With this purpose the analysis of the decisions in cases concerning the status of the national language, the procedure of the use of the national language and the languages of minorities is made.