legal culture

Theoretical aspects of legal culture perception

Abstract. The main theoretical approaches to understanding the concept and essence of legal culture, its historical development and formation are revealed. The article considers certain definitions of legal culture, including in the branch of law and public administration, formulated by a number of scientists, who mainly focused on the following subject matters of legal culture: law itself, legal awareness, legal relations, law and order, legitimate activities of participants in public relations.

Legal thinking of civil society as a factor in the formation of legal culture

Today, the real requirement of the time is the priority of law over the policy of arbitrariness of power, which determines the structure of any rule of law. The idea of the rule of law is inextricably linked with the idea of the sovereignty of the people, the subordination of the state to society. The implementation of the principles of the rule of law, which in fact limits itself to human rights and freedoms, the rule of law, as a general humanistic value, lead to the expansion of private law regulation, which arise mainly between civil society, providing conditions for its functioning.

The influence of legal culture on the formation and development of legal society in Ukraine

The article outlines the role of legal culture and its influence on the formation and development of legal society, as building a civil society, democratic, rule of law is not only a domestic political need, but also an external necessity dictated by Ukraine's development in globalization. In fact, for all its diversity, the world is united in the fact that real progress is made only where the social conditions for the discovery of the main resource of civilization - man.

Concepts of legal culture as a compositionof a democratic legal state

Building a democratic, rule of law is unthinkable without affirmation of justice, legal andmaterial protection of the individual, mutual responsibility of the individual and the state, improvementof legislation and legal culture as a whole. State-legal and national-cultural revival is possible only oncondition of respect for its own history, its philosophical and philosophical humanistic traditions, whichunderlie our mentality, determine the nature of the nation and the essence of legal culture.

Legal a wareness and legal culture as a factor of civil society

The article analyzes the importance of legal awareness and legal culture in the development of civil society. We consider the concept and basic features of civil society characterized by justice and legal culture that influence the improvement of law on the
formation of a legal state and civil society.

Legal culture as a condition for the cultivation of the rule of law in the Ukrainian society

The article is devoted to the development of legal culture, since the scientific level of legal thinking and legal awareness provides the ideal legal personality formation that respects the legal law recognizes his supremacy in whole spheres of life,the iraction ssupporting the rule of law in Ukraine.

Measuring of axiology of legal culture

The article discusses some axiological aspects of legal culture. Particular attention is focused on the concept of legal culture, legal culture ratio with the legal system, the legal reality and law. The main focus is on axiological interpretation of legal culture, the views of scientists, the advantages and disadvantages of valuable dimension of legal culture are examined.

The development of communicative competence lawyer in his professional development eras

Speech direction of  approach to forming of professional personality
of future lawyer is called to assist making of abilities and skills in all types of speech activity,development of culture of speech, speech work, orientation in the general questions of
information, communicative linguistics theory and others like that. Working over material,
each, who aimed to capture a speech culture, had the opportunity to make sure, that speech
activity – unity of commonunication and generalization, that it is active purpose full activity of

Nature, structure and typology communication (communication) in professional of lawyer

Conception of development of legal education in Ukraine envisages training of highly skilled legal personnels apt at active, creative voice in legal life, that have political, legal and, that it is extraordinarily important, proper language culture. Clear that judges, public prosecutors, investigators, advocates, are necessary it is first of all good to know that matters for the dispatch of various legal businesses, id est maintenance of concrete laws, order of realization of legal procedures and others like that.