economic security

Modeling of the error determination in accepting financial decisions in conditions of uncertainty

The article presents the modeling mechanism of the error determination when making financial decisions in conditions of uncertainty and risk.  Researched modeling is based on using the assessing of the diagnosed level of enterprises' economic security with help of mathematical description and calculations of probability transitions matrix and using the research method, the method of direct and reverse interpolation, averaging, statistical and index method, root mean square error method, simulation modeling, probability theory method, matrix method, etc.  It has been studied that the most di

Modeling the financial flows impact on the diagnosis of an enterprise's economic security level

The article presents theoretical and applied aspects of modeling the financial flows' impact on the diagnosis of the economic security level of the enterprise with the main components of security.  The functioning of enterprise's financial flow management models and the economic security level diagnostics applied models (the model of structural and functional diagnostics and the model of simulation modeling) are evaluated.  The economic security loan repayment influence model and a set of criteria for assessing the effectiveness of financial flows are considered.

Prevention of offenses by means of administrative law in the financial and economic sphere

The purpose of this article is to obtain results in the application of scientific analysis of theoretical-methodological and administrative-legal principles of prevention of offenses in the financial and economic sphere by means of administrative law. The scientific basis of the study of prevention of offenses in the financial and economic sphere by means of administrative law is presented.

Improvement of organizational mechanism for security of economic security of Ukraine

This article describes the essence and content of the mechanism for providing economic security and finds that it is a structural component of the national security that consists of interrelated and interrelated components: functional-structural, sectoral-sectoral, spatial-territorial (regional), which interact with each other and the environment for the purpose of effective functioning of the system as a whole.

Public physical service of Ukraine as a subject to provide tax security of the state

The article draws attention to the need to ensure economic security of Ukraine through
the prism of its components including a system of tax security not only on the micro level, but
also the entire country. Updated approach to the concept of tax attributes and security,
including ensuring the subject of which is the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. Separately,
emphasizes the shortcomings in formulating and implementing tax and customs political
positions to ensure the security component of the state.

Analysis of legal framework for ensuring economic security

The article analyzes the scientific views regarding legal and regulatory framework to ensure the economic security of Ukraine. Analyzes the legal regulation in the sphere of economic security, determined objectively predefined set of social relations aimed at ensuring protection from threats to the national economy. Revealed major problems of economic security of the state and proposals for improving legal security areas investigated.

Institutionalization of innovations in the context of strengthening economic security of a state and enterprises

The description of factors that determine the characteristics of the institutional environment is given in the article. The necessity of a more in-depth study of the problems associated with institutionalization of innovation in the context of strengthening the economic security of all market participants and improving management capitalization economy is proved. Attention is focused on strengthening the processes of institutionalization of innovation in terms of exacerbation of systemic crisis in Ukraine.

Approaches to ranking causes of management crises in an industrial and commercial association

The paper presents the improved method for ranking causes of management crises in industrial and commercial associations (ICA) in the changing environment, the peculiarity of which is designing management procedures focused on groups of similar causes of problem situations. Visualization of a set of causes leading to emergence of problem situations allows making more thorough decisions concerning the impact to be made on a particular object of ICA to ensure its economic security.

Economic security: the influence of account support of public finance management

The place of economic security in the structure of national security is analyzed. Its 
internal structure is analyzed in the article. The influence of accounting as an information 
providing of management of public finances to financial security as a part of economic 
security. The list of indicators of fiscal security is presented. The author proved that 
information support of public finance management has an indirect impact on each of these 
indicators. The directions of modernization of public finance and accounting systems are