public administration

Forming organizational bases of state governance under special conditions

In the article, the basic directions for defining certain special conditions as factors influencing the system of public administration are determined. The specific conditions are identified as a manifestation of the external factor of reforms in the system of public administration. The current state of implementation of the institutional reform in Ukraine, and particularly transformation of the state management mechanism, are analyzed.

Institutionalization of democracy: essence, main concepts, approaches

The conceptual analysis of issues concerning the institutionalization of democracy and its influence on public administration is made. Accordingly, it is proved that inability of institutionalization of democracy to function effectively leads to destructive changes in all spheres of social life.

Negative impacts on the processes of public administration in Ukraine during the years of independence

This article provides an analysis of factors which had negative impacts on the process of public administration during the revival of the Ukrainian state. The article suggests approaches to improving the efficiency of the implementation of public administration in Ukraine in conditions of current external and internal threats and challenges.

Formation and implementation of national anti-corruption policy at the national and regional level

The article considers general approaches to the formation and implementation of the national anti-corruption policy of Ukraine in modern conditions at the national and regional levels. The expediency of rationalization of the bases of the anti-corruption policy in the context of the organizational bases for ensuring the construction of a democratic state is investigated. A methodological approach to the formation of the concept of a national anti-corruption policy in modern conditions as a component of the process of rationalizing the activities of public authorities is proposed.

International experience of formation of the state policy in the field of providing financial safety as a complex of national security

The article deals with the main problems of the development of Ukraine’s economy in the context of its identification as a European state, highlights the main external threats to its financial security. The main threats to financial security of Ukraine are analyzed. The experience of leading European countries in the field of formation and ensuring economic security of Ukraine is assessed and summarized, and on this basis, the necessity of strengthening of its main components in modern conditions of society development is proposed.

Difference between “state control” and “state supervision”: normative-legal aspects

The article analyses main approaches to the definition of content of concepts “state control” and “state supervision” both in the national science of public administration and in legal science, and reveals their interpretation in individual legal acts. The main differences between control and supervision as the components of control function of public administration are identified and basic approaches to their legal interpretation are shown.

Problemmed public administration in the field of medical rehabilitation in the process of the national health system transformation

The article deals with the current state of public administration in the field of medical rehabilitation. Attention is drawn to the emergence of new factors affecting the effectiveness of public administration in this area because of the transformation of the national health system. The main problems and directions of improvement of mechanisms of public administration in the field of medical rehabilitation as the subsystem of the national health care system are determined.

Model as a description of the public administration system of the population legal education

On the basis of the analysis of scientific literature, law-oriented models proposed by Ukrainian scientists were determined; their generalization was carried out. The functional model of public administration of legal education in Ukraine has been developed and described its main elements and approaches have been defined.

Modern directions of state national policy for emergency medical services

The article analyzes the state national policy concerning the functioning of the emergency health care system, in particular its subsystem — sanitary aviation. The experience of different regions of Ukraine regarding the revival of emergency health care system by means of sanitary aviation is considered. The approaches to solve this problem by state authorities, civil society and commercial structures are also explored.