public administration

Marketing instruments for attracting investments in territorial communities

Problem setting. Ukraine has significant regional imbalances in attracting investment. The most attractive for investors is Kyiv city, where almost 50% of foreign investments are accumulated. At the same time, other regions remain unattractive for investors. The unsatisfactory situation in the regions is a reflection of unfavorable investment climate and requires the use of new tools to attract investment. The use of marketing tools can stimulate the inflow of investment into small cities and communities.

Theoretical approaches to understanding the essence of intercultural communication in public administration

Problem setting. Regular contacts between representatives of different cultures determine the need to solve problems that always arise in the form of the need to adapt representatives of one culture in the conditions of their existence in another culture. It is important to understand that the cooperation of such entities on a professional basis also requires the development of approaches that would allow a high level of effectiveness of such interaction. A special role should be played by public authorities and management, designed to implement the relevant functions.

2020 local election in the context of modern challenges

Problem setting. The flourishing of populism in recent years is caused, in our opinion, by an important factor – the current political bankruptcy of the Ukrainian left forces related, some way or another, to the Soviet past. Under the conditions of the authority concentration in the hands of the centrists and right centrists, the public request for social justice and more equal access of the citizens to the basic social benefits has lost common in the previous decades mechanisms of political representation.

Problems and prospects of strategic planning Of regional development

Problem setting. In the direction of balanced regional development, the state has the opportunity to use such a direct lever of influence on the process as strategic planning. At present stage of reforming of the system of public administration of regional development, its role and importance are especially growing, because strategic planning makes it possible to predict the further development of territories.

Use of blockchain technology in public governance: prospective areas of application and potential problems of legal security

Abstract. The relevance of the problem mentioned in the title is due to the rapid spread in Ukraine (and not only) of information technologies. It leads to the virtualization of many areas of society, and therefore to the growing importance of storing, transmitting and protecting information electronically, which is processed in global and local information systems using information technologies. Among the latter, according to many scientists (and not only in the IT sphere), Blockchain technology belongs to the leading place (and in the near future this trend will only increase).

Problems and Prospects of Training Civil Servants in Contemporary Ukrainian Realities

The purpose of the article is to identify the main problems in the basic and advanced training of civil servants. Using a retrospective review and taking into account the current situation, develop a strategic plan for further action to improve the system of training of civil servants. Outline priority areas and forms of advanced training of existing staff and basic training of new civil servants to meet the needs of highly qualified and competitive staff.

Application of administrative law and the mechanism of their implementation: theory and practice

The article explores the problems of application of administrative law norms and the
mechanism of their implementation. It is noted that the process of implementation of
administrative law is inevitably accompanied by peculiar elements, in particular, such as
diagnostics, monitoring, expertise by the executive authorities. The purpose of their activities is
to fully implement the rules of administrative law. It is in such interaction between the state
and the individual in the sphere of the executive power that the effective functioning of the


There was conducted analysis of experiment of creation the model of management of the integrated medical complex in administrative unite. The main principles on which were founded the model of guided medical and social care were revealed on the basis of family medicine with payment due to the volume of performed work. The mechanism of redistribution of functions between the family medicine ambulatories (FМA), medical and social centres, hospitals and specialized ambulatory care was investigated.


The article states that the reform of local self-government and territorial organization of power, is the creation of united territorial communities in Ukraine on the basis of decentralization, conceptual principles of which were approved in 2014, and practical implementation began in 2015, was among the most effective and significant proclaimed strategic reforms.