State and civil society: legal cooperation

Scientific exploration is devoted to the problems of civil society development in Ukraine in the context of its interaction with the institution of the state. In the article theoretical, conceptual and practical aspek¬ty interaction of the State and civil society in Ukraine. Characteristic features of the system of government, which have a kind of discomfort for the full development of civil society. 

Human rights and freedoms in the philosophy of law ukrainian populists: origin and formation

The article investigates the features of formation of the populist philosophy of law and the philosophical and legal ideas in Ukraine. The article analyzes the development of philosophical thought in the context of European philosophical and legal culture and the roots of its own formation. The basic ideas of the relationship between the position of human rights with notions of power and state in philosophical and legal concepts Ukrainian populists, their views on natural law.

Тheory and practice of civil society historical and legal experience of Ukraine

This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the concept of civil society as a political and legal phenomenon. The analysis of source material that characterizes the process of development of the views of civil society in Ukraine. The evolution of the concept of civil society in the works of Ukrainian thinkers, including S. Orzechowski–Roxolan, M. Kostomarov, М. Drahomanov, І. Franko et al. The peculiarities of the concept of civil society context. XIX – beg. XX century. in the works of prominent Ukrainian figures.


The article deals with the experience of creating strategic reserves (stockpiles) of oil,
petroleum products and natural gas as a key instrument in ensuring energy security in the
event of a supply crisis and a factor to remain economy functioning in Central European States –
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. All these states have common feature – they
are highly dependent on import of oil and gas, most of them have approximately 100 % import
dependency almost from one source – Russian Federation. As result, they are extremely

The Institutional Essence of the State in the Worldwide Political Thought

In the article the view on the institutional essence of the state in the context of the dialectic of its relationship with society in the main ideological and political directions of world political opinion – liberalism, conservatism, nationalism, and socialism is investigated.

System-structured, comparative and historical methods of research were used here.

Problems of war and peace in the philosophy of Kant, Hegel, Fichte

Discusses the problems of war and peace in German classical philosophy, prominent representatives of which were I. Kant, G. Hegel, I. Fichte. These and other thinkers in their theoretical writings not only analyze philosophical problems of society, but paid considerable attention, politics, law, morality, and the nature of social effects of the war. They offered interesting ideas of peaceful coexistence of mankind. Philosophical, political, legal, social concepts of prominent German thinkers have not lost their social values and they are extremely important.

Philosophical meaning funktsionuvannya state in derzhavinsky theory. Kistiakowsky

Philosophical maintenance of functioning of the legal state opens up in the state known theory of B. Kistyakovsky. The modern state of ukrainianstate known necessitates rethinking the foundations of theoretical and philosophical-legal state understanding as the real, objective phenomenon, that is in permanent development, exists not self on itself, but in close connection with the economic, political, spiritual terms of the society life, with human nature, its necessities.

Milestones of formation, becoming and development of political and legal views Vyacheslav Lipinsky of state and law

Analaized certain stages of formation and development of political and legal views of V. Lipinskі. Particular attention is paid to research his works, in which Ukrainian thinker calls for unity, catholicity and justly preserve their land and their territorial integrity.