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Globalization as a New Type of Society Development and Management in the Scope of a New Geostrategic Reality Establishment

Problem setting. Compared to other post-Soviet states, Ukraine is maximally open to globalization. Consequently, it is more and more affected by the destructive manifestations of globalization. Such openness, which fully corresponds to the structure of the Ukrainian mentality, is, on the one hand, a powerful factor in the modernization dynamics of social development, and on the other – a brake on the formation and implementation of its own nationally regulated development strategy.

The definition of main aspects of the status of servant in the sphere of public service

The main aspects of status of public servant as legal, organizational, functional and competence are considered. The functional aspect of servant status in the context of analysis of the competence of the public authority is defined. The legal aspects of status of public servant are generalized. The competence aspect of status of public servant in the sphere of public service is revealed.

Legal bases of transformation of human resources management in the system of civil service of Ukraine

Problem setting. Ukraine is on the path of systemic institutional transformations, which consist in modernization of the civil service and human resources management, formation of a new personnel policy with the use of modern HR technologies, the implementation of which is impossible without proper legislative support.

Rights of civil servants as the basis of their legal status

Problem setting. The civil servant is one of the main objects of public service reform and, at the same time, its subject. This is due to the fact that civil servants, as representatives of the senior public service, are the main actors in the formation of reform policy in the field of public service, as well as, subject to regulatory legislation, catalysts for its implementation. At the same time, transformational changes affect the legal status of public servants, which in turn affects the formation of their rights and responsibilities.

Integrity as a component of activities of public officials in the context of the fight against corruption

The article analyzes the content of the principle of integrity in the public service. We emphasize that integrity is one of the tools to prevent corruption and an integral part of the civil service culture.

The legal regulation of integrity rules among public officials is studied. Anti-corruption strategies that serve as a guide for overcoming corruption in the state are analyzed.

Implementation of state personnel policy in law enforcement sector of Ukraine

The article deals with the implementation of state personnel policy in law enforcement sector  of  Ukraine.  The  subjects  of  state  personnel  policy,  which  are  endowed  with  the appropriate authority to implement personnel policy through relevant branches and objects of state personnel policy including the personnel potential of the society, all human resources, are considered.

Joint acts of corruption, abuse of power in the civil service

The article deals with the abuse of power and of authority in public service, serving politico-legal form of power that does not meet the functional nature of the institutions of power and produces destructive and harmful impact on the national state as a system of
interconnected and interrelated political, legal , socio-economic, spiritual, moral, ethnic, cultural and other components and relationships.