: 86-91
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The article covers approaches to the formation of knowledge, skills and abilities of public service managers. Characterization of modern concepts of leadership has been made. The key elements of the leadership competency of civil servants are systematized. It is considered that for modern leaders of public service the following competences are required: professional knowledge and knowledge of legislation, strategic vision, crisis management, personal qualities (communication skills, listening skills, honesty and ethics, enthusiasm for managing human resources, courage to go for a reasonable risk and tell the truth to head, positivity and dedication, analytical skills, ability to think critically, creativity, flexibility, ambition, leadership, stress tolerance, integrity), motivation, including self-motivation, knowledge of the organization, team work, development of relationships. The problems that exist in the preparation of public service employees are considered. Innovative models of qualification upgrading of managerial personnel are proposed, taking into account the competence approach. The advantages of using such training methods for public officials of a focus group, interviewing in front of the camera, training role-playing games, joint discussions, minilectures are substantiated.

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