Stress map of Transcarpathia

According to the map of seismic zoning of the territory of the USSR, Transcarpathia refers to a seven-point seismic zone; epicenters of earthquakes are located throughout the territory of Transcarpathia. All strong earthquakes are confined to the Pieniny deep fault, except for two earthquakes in Antonovka in 1936 with l = 6 - 7 points and two earthquakes in Beregove in 1931 with l = 8 points and in 1965: with l = 6 - 7 points [ 2, 4, 5]

Geodynamics and peculiarity of seismotectonjc processes of Beregovo horst zone (Transcarpathians)

Complete picture of geodynamic and seismotectonic processes in Beregovo seismic zone of the Transcarpathians was reproduced on the basis of results of complex analysis of geological, geomorphological. geodetis. geophysical and seismological data.

Mathematical relationships for Wiese vectors depending on rectilinear anomalies of conductivity

For explanation of anomalous Wiese vectors conduct in the Transcarpathian seismoactive trough earlier we have supposed, that in Tereblia fault zone is localized anomaly of variable conductivity. This caused problem of calculating of own Wiese vector of one of two anomalies when we have values of other anomaly own Wiese vector and theirs total value. In presented work the problem solution is given for model case of rectilinear conductors. Examples of these formulas using are given.

Geodynamics, tectonics and seismicity of Carpathian region of Ukraine

Purpose. The purpose of researches – to analyze the characteristics of modern geodynamics, tectonics and seismicity of Carpathian region of Ukraine and its components – the Folded Carpathians, Transcarpathians and Precarpathians. Methodology. The methodology includes a detailed complex analysis of the deep structure and seismotectonic activity in the region and its separate zones on the basis of specially developed methods of refinement the coordinates and depth of local earthquakes sources and complex of geological and geophysical data. Results.

Reflection of local, regional and global seismotectonic process in deformations of rocks of active tectonic structures and earthquake prognosis

Multiscale pre-, co- and post-seismic deformation processes from the local, regional and strongest world's earthquakes in the Earth lithosphere according to the extenzometric measurements on the short quarts extensometer of RGS “Beregove” in Ukrainian Transcarpathians are considered. Some features of the propagation of such strains in the Eurasia lithosphere are traced.

Dynamics of postseismic tectonic deformations

Aim. The purpose of researches – continuous monitoring observations of geophysical fields, determined by the need of fundamental and applied geophysics and geology for reliable and detailed regional data on the behavior in time and space components of geophysical fields generic modern dynamics of the earth's crust, especially in seismically active regions. Such data are also needed to evaluate the durability and reliability of critical and dangerous geological and geotechnical hazards.