Scientific and theoretical rationale for the formation of the principle of cooperation and partnership in civil legal relations

One of the core elements of civil law are its principles. The system of civil law principles is subject to a constant change. Its number, as well as the number of other civil legal institutes, becomes broader and extensive. One may find scientific theoretical discussion about the formation of cooperation principle and principle of partnership in civil and other types of relations. The legal forms of interaction between the subjects of social relations are different and they are known in all branches of law.

Features of notarial proceedings for certification of contracts

The basics of the notarial process in Ukraine, in particular scientific views and modern approaches to the problem of legal definition of the notarial process, features of notarial proceedings for certification of contracts are investigated in the article.

Thus, the author determined that the notarial process means the activities of notarial bodies carried out in the manner prescribed by law.

Risks of foreign economic activity: features and management methods these

At the current stage of development of the Ukrainian economy within the framework of international cooperation, an important aspect of functioning organisation is the awareness and education of both employees of the risk management department and all staff in the field of risk management that arise in the process of foreign trade operations. After all, timely response to a risk situation or to prevent the emergence of risks in foreign economic activities reduces potential losses in the future.

Public-legal aspects of contractually labor contracts with employees theaters culture

This article examines the specific regulation of labor relations in theatrical cultural institutions. The necessity of the use of contractual forms of employment contract most carefully in order to prevent violations of labor rights. The analysis of regulations that are proposed to reform the specific regulation of labor relations in theatrical cultural institutions.

Features powers of attorney documentation and improvement under the current legislation

This article reveals the legal bases providing attorney assistance under current legislation. Mechanism design authority lawyer within the current codified laws. The study author makes suggestions to improve documentation of authority lawyer by law.