legal education

Model as a description of the public administration system of the population legal education

On the basis of the analysis of scientific literature, law-oriented models proposed by Ukrainian scientists were determined; their generalization was carried out. The functional model of public administration of legal education in Ukraine has been developed and described its main elements and approaches have been defined.

Ethical standards and human freedom in law: an integrative aspect

The special features of the integrative aspect of ethical standards and human freedom in law are revealed due to the fact that harmony in law is manifested through the principle of coordination of actions between different elements and structural subdivisions forming the social system, which enables to acquire ethical knowledge of ethical principles and standards from ethical codes that are sources of information about public values. Freedom is emphasized as an intrinsic emotional quality of a person.

Legal socialization in school environment

Modern science has faced with an urgent need to update knowledge about a child and childhood, about development of adolescent personality, ways of effective socialization of the child as a process that determines the development of society. New mechanisms are required to promote the successful legal socialization of children and adolescents. This necessity is explained by the emergence of new paradoxes and contradictions peculiar to the relationship between the young man and modern society.

Some aspects of early legal socialization

 Legal socialization of the children is an important part of the theory of legal socialization
of the person. The role of early legal socialization is to includ the person in global society and
to minimization risks of development destructive legitimate behavior. As a result of studing at
school children must know the basic legal norms which interpret their rights and duties, rights
and duties of their parents, of their friends and of the state. The article deals with the role of

The modus of forming the legal culture of youthin the university environment

It is noted that the university education, which forms a modern creative personality, is a future
specialist in globalized economic relations, a member of the newest elite of Ukrainian society and an active
citizen of the rule of law. Therefore, modern university education in Ukraine aims to become a means,
potential and resource for the development and development of the state, both informational and legal.
However, lack of legal awareness of Ukrainian citizenship has often been, and is, a significant cause of

Аreas of improvement legal education and training of the law enforcement officials in ukraine on the basis of use european experience

The article is devoted to the definition of areas of improvement of legal education and professional training of law enforcement bodies of Ukraine on the basis of the EU experience in this area. The article is devoted to the task of reforming legal education, research training practice lawyers and law enforcement officials in the EU, proved the benefits of training learning conditions for maximum simulation of real situations.

Problems of the content of modern legal overseas education reforming in the USA, Great Britain and frg

The key problems of the content of modern legal overseas education reforming in the USA, Great Britain and FRG have been studied. Features of the American, English and German models of legal education are also analyzed.

The right integration is a promising direction of development of legal science

This article analyzes the formation and development of law as the integration of science, discipline and integrated knowledge areas, its main features and characteristics, the study of the right of the European Union, as part of the integration of the right to association of Ukraine with the EU. We analyze the value and prospects of development of the science of law
integration and communication with the improvement of the educational process and professional development of lawyers

The legal methods of formation of legal consciouness

The article is devoted to the exploration of ways and methods of formation of legal
consciousness in the context of ensuring their realization of the State and civil society.
The author attempted to describe the basic methods of forming of legal consciousness
separating them into categories to “public” and “private”, depending on the subjects of their
We come to the conclusion that a key place in the system of remedies of formation of legal
consciousness takes legal education as a precondition for social development of individual.