Problems of Formation the Controlling System of International Innovative Activity of Enterprises

The article forms the structure of the management system of international innovation activities of enterprises, in which controlling the international innovation activities of enterprises is implemented by means of economic accounting, analysis, control and audit. Elements of the controlling system of the international innovation activity of enterprises have been identified, namely: organizational, legal, functional, technical-technological, financial elements of the system, elements of international cooperation and elements of personnel policy.

Adaptation aspects of economic expertise in the circuit controlling the german model enterprise

In this article the adaptive aspects of the economic expertise in the circuits controlling
model of A. Dayle. In this approach, contours availability subsystem economic expertise be
implemented in two groups of tools: tools of planning and regulation of subdivisions (a
function of business process management) and management tools and incentives for workers
(people management function). Thus, for each set of business processes, goals of controlling is
actually derived from the objectives of the enterprise and are a direct reflection of the

Controlling the costs of industrial enterprises innovative processes

The nature of controlling the innovative processes costs at industrial enterprises is revealed. It is shown how to improve the controlling of the innovative processes costs using budgeting. There is developed a scheme for correlating analytical and synthetic information while forming the price and making planned estimated calculations as a part of the design estimate documentation. The planned contract  estimate  and  schemes  of  financing  the  innovation  project  are  determined  by  using  the normative method of calculating the estimated costs of the project.