Adaptation aspects of economic expertise in the circuit controlling the german model enterprise


Perevozova I.V.

In this article the adaptive aspects of the economic expertise in the circuits controlling
model of A. Dayle. In this approach, contours availability subsystem economic expertise be
implemented in two groups of tools: tools of planning and regulation of subdivisions (a
function of business process management) and management tools and incentives for workers
(people management function). Thus, for each set of business processes, goals of controlling is
actually derived from the objectives of the enterprise and are a direct reflection of the
prevailing to solve problems.
It is proved that the approach A. Dayle is to formulate target picture company that
identifies and specifies its goals. The formation of this pattern is its quality description of the
problem facing the company. Her actual presence serves stimulant motivate employees to
achieve a goal.
Emphasized that it was their decision, but primarily on the accuracy of the formulation,
the achievement now. The challenge to the decision, concerning the economic and expert
research to fully correlate with the main tasks of controlling, so interconsistency article
describes the main tasks of controlling and economic expertise.
Author`s representation of the pyramid of the total controlling multi-organizational
created in the contours of A. Dayle’s model reflects ensuring the proper task of controlling,
namely building an effective system for enterprise adoption, implementation, monitoring and
analysis of management decisions.