Quatification Methods of the Checks and Balances System Study (Review Article)

The article deals with the main quantification methods of the system of checks and balances. Taking into account the main historical stages of the development of ideas concerning the functioning of the checks and balances system, on the basis of the comparative method, the main features of understanding the functioning of different aspects of checks and balances system by using mathematical methods are emphasized.


Managing the effectiveness of the organization is one of the main functions of the professional activities of the newest Ukrainian managers. Managing the effectiveness of the organization is a continuous process that logically covers the actions and procedures of the linear manager in a single chain according to the logic of meaningful activity: from the formulation of goals to control the achieved results. The main consequence of the evolution of performance management over the last decade is to focus not only on goals but also on means.

Information management system of academic journals and conferences of Lviv Polytechnic

Running editorial board of a scientific journal or organizing an academic conference (including managing its program committee) is a complex multistage process that requires effective information Lviv Polytechnic National University Institutional Repository 22 management with application of modern information and communication technologies. These activities are usually cyclical, repeating with each new journal issue or recurring event.

The theoretical approaches to determine the economic essence of “regulation”

The article presented the views of different scholars on the definition content of "regulation". This concept was derived from "regulate" and that has been represented in many sources were found. It was considered the author of a number of scientific resources were analyzed and identified the major common features in the studied categories. The basic part of research was divided into two parts : focus on regulation as a function of component management, and studying its subtypes on governmental level. The purpose of the article was to study the semantic content category "regulation".

Сloud services and their selection algorithm

This article describes the architecture of cloud services and key technologies for algorithm selection services. Cloud computing is relevant to various types of software and distributed computing based on Internet access, which means that users can get an access to applications and storage from remote servers using web browsers or other stationary or mobile terminals. Resources of stationary and mobile terminals are limited, which is why cloud computing is the right tool that will provide different kinds of terminals with powerful resources to achieve complex services.

System of checks and balances as an attribute of democracy: political analysis (Review Article)

The article deals with the features of the system of checks and balances as one of the indicators of democratic development. Taking into account the peculiarities of modern political transformations in the world, the new approaches to the understanding of the system of checks and balances in the political sense are emphasized. Basing on the analysis of the political practice of democratic states, the key features of the system of checks and balances are identified and it is proved that this institution is multidimensional.

Features of a modern interpretation of the system of legal sources of Ukraine

In the article in general theoretical aspect highlighted features of the interpretation of a modern system of sources of law in Ukraine, taking into account the latest research. The emphasis on the key problems of the domestic system of sources of law, which in these conditions is imperfect and unstable, which is characteristic of regulatory complexes of transition, creating in turn the relevance, appropriateness and timeliness of the study of the subject in the domestic legal science.

Metodological bases study of the phenomenon of crime on religious grounds as a socio-legal phenomenon

The methodology generally has two meaning: as a system-defined methods and techniques used in a particular field – science, politics, etc., and as the study of this system as a general theory of method, theory in action. Therefore, the methodology – a philosophical theory of system methods of scientific knowledge and the transformation of reality, and the doctrine of the application of the principles of the laws of dialectics and science to the process of learning and practice in the interest of acquiring new knowledge.

Legal education reform: foreign experience and ukrainian realities

The article analyzes the foreign experience reforming legal education and defined the prospects of its implementation in Ukraine. It has been found that the use of international experience in the learning process becomes particularly relevant with the development of postmodernism, when the company moves to a new historical synthesis forms with the state. After reviewing certain aspects of legal education of international experience proved that it will contribute to more active implementation in the domestic legal practice these developments.

The efficiency of using genetic algorithms to find optimized solutions

In the article the theoretical principles were justified, methodological and practical recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the information system were proposed. The analysis of the basic models of genetic algorithms to find the best solutions in the information system was suggested. The basic aspects of genetic algorithms for their use in evolutionary modeling were described. The genetic algorithm for handling the selection criteria and selection decisions required population was suggested.