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Marketing Activities of Enterprises in the Express Delivery Market of Ukraine

It was established that the main factors that contributed to the growth of express delivery services demand in Ukraine are the development of the Internet in Ukraine and the increase of its users, the decrease in the free time of Ukrainians, the desire to optimize it, and the growth of retail trade. The main companies that provide express delivery services include "Nova Poshta", "Ukrposhta", Meest, Justin, Delivery Auto, Epicenter, and Kasta.

Implementation Stages of the Automated Management Accounting System

The article investigates the relevance of the implementation of management accounting systems using information technology. Digitalization and digital transformation significantly influence business processes, accounting procedures, and the enterprise management system in general. It is established that management accounting is an information base for the use of information by management in making managerial decisions and assessing the results of economic activity. Therefore, the relevance, efficiency, timeliness, and interpretation of data are impossible without its automation.

Management reporting of the enterprise” theoretical-methodological aspects and principles of formation

The principles of formation and methodical basis of construction of management reporting, considered as an instrumental tool in the system of enterprise management functions, are considered. An analysis of the existing approaches to establishing the feasibility (economic justification) criteria for the practical implementation of the management reporting system at the enterprise, as well as their forms with the selection of the functional purpose of the reporting information flows, was carried out.

Formation of a multi-purpose cadastre at the regional level

It has been proven that the transformational processes taking place in Ukraine are related to the deepening of crisis phenomena in the economic sphere, the slowdown of the main indicators of regional development, the impact of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, and military operations. In such conditions, it is necessary to rethink approaches to ensure the efficiency of the functioning of regions by improving the system of land resources management, as the main factors of their development.

Improvement of the information security of the management system

The study is aimed at researching ways to improve the information support of the management system using software. The authors determined that automation allows to reduce the time required to perform basic management functions, it is used for calculations and analysis, design, quality control, planning of all operational processes, hiring and accounting of employees, etc. An information system is a combination of technical, software and organizational support, as well as personnel, designed to provide the right people with the right information in a timely manner.

Formation of Information Support for the Development of Freight Transportation of Jsc “Ukrzaliznytsya”

A methodical approach to the formation of indicators of the information base of management decisions on the development of freight JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”, which consists in calculating the taxonomy of the level of development of freight by substantiating systems and its elements: eighteen static systems, elements of which are six regional railways; seven dynamic systems — regional branches and in general JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”. A spatial and temporal comparison of the development of freight transportation of selected systems is carried out.


The article deals with the issues of effective project environment management in terms of globalization and convergence of information technologies. There is a diversity of approaches to the application of project management methods in organizations of different size or industry affiliation. At the subject level, the essence of adaptation and the need to apply this principle in modern conditions are revealed. The evolution of project management standards based on changes in PMBoK editions as the basic foundations of project management is shown.

Information Support of Document Production On Higher Education of State Model for Graduates at Lviv Polytechic National University

The importance of implementing standards at all levels of education is an important and integral factor in the growth of the intellectual potential of Ukraine. The approaches of a market economy dictate to educational institutions the conditions for the support of both high-quality educational services and the publication of educational documents in accordance with European norms and rules. This is a key to competitiveness.

Methodology of Construction Accounting Nomenclature Codes of Non-automatic Informational Base of Computer Accounting System

The basic approaches for creation a computer accounting informational system (KIS-BO) have been determined and the theoretical aspects of designing non-automatic information base (IB) have been found out. The main emphasis is on such a component of ectopic IB, as the codes of accounting nomenclature, because the further effective exploitation of KIS-BO depends on their rational construction. It is shown that classification and encoding is an undivided creation and operation element of the computer informational base.